Fanview Lite: September 5, 2011


"Football is a rough game and often a cruel one."--- John Facenda. Injuries to several WestCo players, including Chris Solomon, Saturday night made the point clear to Bulldog fans.

Good Afternoon!

I’ll let you know how I feel about fantasy football at this time next week.

Note to M-Town: On your way to ordering a second set of CIF rings consider the Covina Colts. They are more physical than a Corleone Soldier…

And C-Town left a lot of WestCo soldiers on the battlefield Saturday night. Very physical.

If 178 yards rushing and three touchdowns wasn’t enough, the Pomona runner who did this against Garey, Sir-Darius Yabrough, might have the best name in the prep biz since Alhambra’s Zion Babb was hurdling Montebello’s Fernando Toy back in the day.

First add Lou Torres: The Alhambra HC was all class in his team’s rout of Mt. View this past weekend. Leading 40-0 with time to run another play in the first half, from the Vikings 6-yard line, Torres had his team take a knee.

I’ve been pretty open about how I feel in regards to teams running up scores…I’m for it. Reason? Life has no problem running up the score on you. Neither life, nor this world, will examine your circumstances and ease off.

So what better place or time to learn about this, than on an athletic field when we are young? If you don’t like getting the snot beat out of you, then do something about it and stop whining.

…On the other hand…Torres’ decision showed a quality of character on how we should comport ourselves when we have the advantage over someone or a given situation…It’s given me reason to reconsider…

Except for Notre Dame…I’m really happy when those guys lose…and the more they lose by all the better!

Oh, I have always been a South Florida fan!

The Lions get La Puente this week, another solid team and another opportunity to build a non-league resume for the playoffs.

I’m not a USC alum, just a fan (55-24, against Notre Dame in 1974 locked me in for life), but can somebody tell me why Trojan HC Lane Kiffin’s play calling doesn’t stink ice? Because I think it stinks on ice…

Kiffin strikes me as the type of guy who will be the first to tell you he’s the smartest guy in the room.

Only thing worse than Kiffin’s play calling? The halftime interview of coaches as they come off the field.

“So Coach what do you got to do to win this thing?”

“Well we just got play better football, make a few adjustments, and take care of the ball and we’ll be all right.”

“Great, thanks Coach.”

Burroughs Zander Anding…turned ankle…status up in the air for this Friday…

And its early, but its must win time for Baldwin Park if they intend on being .500 or better come November.

The Dude abides…


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