Fanview Lite: December 31, 2011

Joe T.

Good Evening!

“Time passes. Listen. Time passes.” — Dylan Thomas

Milk this… because you’ll never see 2011 again. How do I know this? I’m still waiting for 1981 to come back.

I guess that Y2K thing never materialized.

Now that I think of it, 1979 is still AWOL as well…

New Year’s Eve is overrated…So instead of saying “Happy New Year” when you see me say something else. Something like; “Hey Joe, here’s 20 bucks for you.”

What is there to look forward to in 2012? Sierra Canyon-Monrovia for starters.

Walter Dyer, Valley Christian…That’s a bubba deluxe.

What schools are in position to possibly “Pull Something” in 2012? Try Northview…and bad dude back Javon Taylor.

It was an up and down year…but Alhambra is still a team to watch.

Note to Lou Torres: Open up the attack and let Josh Mendoza use that arm of his. You gotta a lot of athletes…spread that sucker out and give Jerry Chou, Donald Bernard, and Ben Negrete fits in the Almont.

Joe Kapp and I are tight.

Derrick Rose is great, no doubt, but the best reason to watch the Chicago Bulls is Luol Deng.

Reggie Bush, that dude’s all right.

Certainly somebody must have touched on it by now but isn’t it ironic that Rick Neuheisel’s career as a player for UCLA ended against Illinois and the last of his regime as head coach (yes, I know he is already gone) also ends against the Illini.

It’s so strange seeing the Denver Nuggets Al Harrington play…He’s been around so long I think he was part of the ABA Dispersal Draft.

The best thing about the NBA this season? A 66-game season…Best thing that could happen to the NBA going forward? A permanent 60-game season.

Amongst the underrated this year was senior Azusa right tackle Chris Garcia.

And since we’re talking offensive lineman Monrovia left tackle Isaac Miravet is back next fall.

I’ve had quiet New Year’s Eves…I’ve had New Year’s Evils where I’ve been exposed to various forms of debauchery…I’ve had New Year’s Eves where I worked right through the striking of midnight…but I think one of my most memorable was the New Year’s I spent with my in-laws watching “A Day at the Races” and raising glasses on New York time…

Celebrating on New York time makes things a lot easier.

Anyone up for a Cracker Barrel run?

The Dude abides…


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