Fanview Lite: January 19, 2012

DC's must get paid really well to afford weekends at Candlestick.

Kick it!

The best consolation about Matt Koffler resigning as Rosemead HC this past week is defensive coordinator Marc Paramo will most likely to end up with the job.

…or at least he should.

It must be nice to be Donald Bernard.

Got a tip this morning that Pants Robledo has Tim Peterson resigning and taking the Covina job…Scooped again!

Could someone let Anthony Rice know that the quota for coaches stepping down has been fulfilled and if he wants to quit he will have to wait until 2013.

Last Add All Mid Valley Sports Teams: A lot of talented players were left out and we are sure all the complaints filed would lessen if we had a first, second, and third teams, plus an honorable mention squad. More than two thirds of all the players we selected to our teams were on the CIF teams released the other day. We just didn’t have five running backs, seven receivers, of forty offensive linemen.

Expecting some coaching news out of the Del Rio League.

Early, but something to consider…Burbank’s Hector Valencia has some “bubba” sized frames coming back to his offensive line in 2012. He loses leading rusher and receiver Herman Castro, but the talented Teddy Arlington is back.

Burroughs is looking for a new quarterback and a new stud running back, Arcadia needs a quarterback, Muir is still in flux, Glendale needs somebody to get the ball to Mike Davis, and of course Hoover is Hoover…That leaves Pasadena and …Crescenta Valley. Keep your eye on the Falcons.

Really Last Add All Mid Valley Sports Teams: Wilson’s J.R. Nelson and San Gabriel’s Joey Villalobos were difficult calls to make it.

Not a big Baltimore Ravens guy…New England should hammer them. Then again I’m not a big Las Vegas so I’m not going to put my money on this. Yours, but not mine.

This is late, but isn’t it interesting Eric Podley’s high water mark at Bonita came in the 2010 finals run when his play calling was white hot and he was working the sideline with a walker? An amazing stretch of football to see.

On this date in 1985 I dove for a loose ball in a CAA basketball game and tore the ligaments in my left knee. After spending most of the night in the hospital, the next day Bad News Barker and I went to the house of former San Gabriel HC Gary Orona to watch the Super Bowl.

This was a decade or so before Orona landed the SG gig, but to say the dude was into football was an understatement. He had televisions all over the house that afternoon…inlcuding the bathroom.

Last Add Super Bowl: The 49ers worked the Dolphins 38-16 and I made thirty bucks because I got into a verbal sparring match with the guys I worked with about Ronnie Lott and the San Fran secondary shutting down Dan Marino and the Marks Brothers (Clayton & Duper)…I won. It was the last monetary bet I ever made on football so I went out a winner.

“How did you know?” Orona asked me. “You were so positive the 49ers were going to win.”

“Baby,” I said in my standard humbleness. “This is what I do.”

He laughed, dropped an expletive, and walked away.

Last Add Orona: That year, 1985 he became the head football coach of the freshman team at Glenn and asked me to be his quarterbacks coach. (My credentials were I looked really good throwing the football in those days.) I turned him down, but I often thought would have been had I said yes…I’d probably be in line for the El Rancho job today…Or Covina…or at least West El Monte Poly.

The Dude abides…


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