Fanview Lite: February 27, 2012

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Last Add Luke Marquardt: “His first game at offensive tackle was in my first season as offensive coordinator,” said APU OC Rudy Carlton. “We scored on a long touchdown pass but it was called back because Luke was eight yards downfield when the pass was thrown.”

Beg to differ with one recent blogger…If there is anything I don’t concern myself with…It’s whether or not Arroyo will have a quarterback in place by summer.

Note to Future Arroyo Starting Quarterback: Don’t quibble, just wear number ten.

Never thought the day would come when a TV show would be more interesting than the NBA All-Star game…but watching “The Walking Dead” is better than hitting the buffet line before Big Tony.

Honestly, isn’t it time for the Lakers to embrace Andrew Bynum and and say so long, farewell, to acquiring Dwight Howard.

Quick props to the Keppel Lady Aztecs (Can I still call them the Lady Aztecs?)…they’ve won 13 in a row, are 27-3 overall, and have advanced to the 2AA semifinals. They play tomorrow night against Lynwood (23-4).

“Hey Joe where is the Keppel love from The Mid?” One administrator asked on Facebook the other night.

“It’s with the stats,” I typed back.

Apparently Bishop Amat, I’m told, has won again…

Has anyone checked out Schurr lately? Skill side wise they return quarterback Rudy Madrid and receiver/defensive back Ricky Fonseca…but there was a lot of youth and a lot of beef along its front line in 2011. Keying the line next fall should be center David Garcia (5-7 220) and tackle Jose Guttierrez (6-1 255).

They also have a sophomore, Lorenzo Israel (6-3 265), who they are still trying to figure out what to do with.

Speaking of the Almont…There’s supposed to be news out of Alhambra within a week. Seven finalists and one supposedly played in the NFL.

Must be nice…to attend a coaching clinic in Las Vegas over the weekend…I’m sure “His Arroyo Baldness” and Azusa’s Joe Scherf enjoyed it…I just hope they got Tyson’s tiger back to him before they hit the road.

“Joe why do you hate Warren Moon?” Was asked of me recently?

I don’t hate Warren Moon. Warren Moon was a very good quarterback, who fattened his stats in the run and shoot offense. He only won one playoff game and was put into the Hall of Fame.

Jim Plunkett on the other hand won two Super Bowls and isn’t getting a sniff at Canton.

Last Add Almont: Bell Gardens has added El Monte for Week Five. The Lancers are also saying they are moving up a heck of a freshman class. The BG freshman, according to MaxPreps, finished 9-1 and banked 565 points while giving away a mere 55.

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