The TEN: 5/10/2012


(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) Monrovia at Temple City today for the Rio Hondo title.

2.) Stacy Robinson, 50, a wide receiver who won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants, passes away.

3.) “You could lock DeAndre Jordan in a gym all night by himself and he’d only score six points.” – Charles Barkley.

4.) Kobe Bryant’s mask raises $67,100 in a charity auction.

5.) A blood clot was found in Mariano Rivera’s right calf during an examination.

6. Monrovia’s Joe Mata: .441 BA, six doubles, 11 RBI; Pitching: 1.00 ERA, 44 strikeouts.

7.) Temple City’s Corey Copping: .373 BA, nine doubles, 15 RBI; Pitching: 1.09 ERA, 65 strikeouts.

8. Paraclete 86 Pasadena Marshall 0 – September 30, 2011.

9.) Former Temple City, Montebello, Pasadena Assistant Michael McKay is the new Quarterbacks Coach at Glendale College.

10.) The Dodgers James Loney: .211 BA, 1 HR, 7 RBI.


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