Throwin’ on the Third

San Gabriel quarterback Marcus Valenzuela has emerged as the number one guy

Three schools got together Tuesday on the day before the Fourth of July at where else? Arroyo. Interesting happenings for San Gabriel, Azusa and Arroyo…

Did you know that Marcus Valenzuela has emerged as the number one guy at quarterback for San Gabriel? Eric Alvarez saw time last year before Andy Guerrero was named the starter and Mikal Quintanilla has transferred in from Temple City. But despite all that it’s Valenzuela who has moved to the forefront San Gabriel HC Jude Oliva confirmed.

Azusa Junior QB/WR Carlos Montiel

Arroyo HC Jim Singiser is high on junior WR Jose Valdivia. Valdivia played linebacker for the Knights last year but will be lining up the opposite side of Andre Kerkhoff this year at receiver. “He’s the one guy on offense, (along with Peter (Aholoka) that you don’t want to mess with. He doesn’t like to be pushed around. He won’t put up with it. He’s a tough kid,” Singiser said.

Mouthpiece -Check, gloves -check, sunglasses -check ...ok let's go

Azusa’s Carlos Montiel got plenty of snaps behind center. Among other things, he’s extremely mobile. “We’re probably going to platoon him and Jose Ledesma. They both different things well. And when I play Jose at quarterback I can put Carlos at receiver whee he’s very effective,” said Azusa HC Joe Scherf.

Keep an eye on Aztec tight end Josh Dillon, 6-0, 190. “He’s good and he’s got good size but he’s got to learn to just stop running over people in passing league,” Scherf said.

Eric Alvarez, now at LB for SG


Alex Villalobos and Steven Rivera, 2011 stars of San Gabriel and Arroyo respectively were on hand to check out the action. Rivera who is going to Whittier College in the Fall, had some news on Villalobos who is headed to ELAC.  “Alex will be joining me at Whittier in two years. Just watch,” he said. Villalobos’s response? “Oh yeah,” he said with a smile.

Patience is a virtue

I got it covered

Ok and I got this covered...


Azusa Tight End Josh Dillon

Note: The San Gabriel backer with the sunglasses and mouthpiece is Anthony Guttierrez. The second SG LB is Roman Quinones.  

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