The TEN: 9/4/2012


(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) Mid Valley Sports Staffer Big Tony Solorzano turns 43 today.

2.) Angels first baseman Albert Pujols: 502 at-bats, 29 home runs, 92 Rbis, .287 batting average.

3.) Gladstone at Baldwin Park, Friday (7:PM).

4.) South Pasadena Tigers Offensive Line: Nick Klinger, Linus Zide, Ryan Stone, David Cho, & Quinn Hutchings.

5.) “I trust my offense, it’s not even a question.” —El Monte HC Joel Sanchez when asked about his team’s philosophy about going for it on fourth down.

6.) John Coffey. (Like the drink, only spelled different)

7.) Rowland Raiders (2-0) linebacker Adrian Campos.

8.) La Mirada (2-0, and hosting Bishop Amat on Friday night) has not posted any defensive stats.

9.) New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is 26. Actress Eva Longoria 37.

10.) “I want to be out there and pitch, but I can’t try to pick up a ball. If my arm goes then I’m out for 10-12 months.” —Dodgers right hander Chad Billingsley on waiting for his right elbow to heal.

The presence of wide receiver deluxe Abel Barajas gives El Monte HC Joel Sanchez plenty of reason to believe in his team’s offense.

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