Fanview Lite: September 17, 2012

It ain’t yesterday, it’s today. Gabrielino is 4-0-(Photo by David Winchell)

Kick it!

Oh, I’ve always hated fantasy football.

Rosemead HC Marc Paramo: “How come I didn’t see you out at Torrance?”

Joe T.: “Sorry, I accidently drove to Midwest Torrance.”

Rosemead HC Mar Paramo: “I know what you mean.”

Did you know that Gabrielino is 4-0 for the first time since 2004? The Eagles are playing good football, and playing a little bit better opponent in Roybal this week, but we won’t really find out about them until they open league against Mt. View on October 5th.

San Marino might need a closer look…

On this date in 1976 Arroyo snapped a 15 game losing streak by beating El Monte 8-7 at B.L. Bergstrom. With 2:46 left in the game Knights quarterback Danny Aguirre scored on a 12-yard run. They went for two and won it when Louie Rios took a pitch from Aguirre and threw the ball to Sam Provenza. (The Lions lone score came on a one yard run by Victor Salmon)

On the same night San Marino went to Arcadia and worked the Apaches 37-12 in the season opener. The Titans Chip Diggins scored two touchdowns as San Marino built a 28-0 halftime lead. Jim Mohr rushed for 210 yards on 11 carries for Arcadia but the home team could do little else.

If you haven’t been blessed with the Sunday Ticket…my condolences. I have been blessed with the TIcket and was able to see the Redskins-Rams Sunday. Lot of fun, the refs were brutal…and the Rams won (at which point I ceased to care about fantasy football).

Two things…one I’ll get to later…but the other I’ll deal with right now.

Robert Griffin III is legit. He’s a quarterback, who looks to pass and can pass. However, unlike Vince Young and Tim Tebow, he does not have the body to run the ball as much as he does. Not in the NFL.

Note to the Redskins: If you want to keep this guy around for ten years, dump the read option. He’s gonna get smashed.

Detroit didn’t look good last night.

I knew something wasn’t right at Bishop Montgomery…But Los Altos getting shutout did surprise me. I had feeling they could stumble, I didn’t believe they would get shutout.

Speaking of the Del Rey League, La Salle is the perfect example of never believing what anybody tells you in the supermarket, at the office, on the sidelines, or through an email without first seeing so for yourself…Then again the Lancers were a combined 1-19 over the last two years.

Kershaw! I knew it, I mean I didn’t know it, but…I knew it!

Our records aren’t complete prior to 1946, but El Monte’s 66 points scored against Gladstone last Friday night was the school’s highest point total going all the way back to the 1946 season.

What was the most the Lions scored in a game prior to Friday night? Try 56 points in Week Four of 1996 against…Gladstone. El Monte won that night 56-34.

How is a 24-22 loss worse than a 42-17 loss? When you’re APU and it happens at home. The Cougars not only blew a ten point lead in the final five minutes to Dixie State, but three of the Red Storm’s four touchdowns came in the most excruciating fashion.

A quarterback, Griff Robles, scrambling 39-yards, on a third & nine, for a touchdown. A kick-off returned a hundred yards by Cache Morgan for a touchdown. A fumble, the game winner, returned 32-yards for a touchdown by Ray Chapman.

For three quarters APU looked better against D-2 nationally ranked Humboldt State, than it did against a Dixie State team they should have beat by two touchdowns…Maybe three.

Last Add El Monte Point Totals: The Lions (under Ev Bjorensen) lost to Arroyo in 1989 61-0. In 1976 (under Charles Ucker) they lost to Temple City, 61-7. In 1966 (under Bill Samarin) they lost to El Rancho, 60-7.

Paraclete is special…I haven’t seen Sierra Canyon live yet, but the Spirits can beat anybody and everybody else in the Mid-Valley Division right now…Yes, I am including Monrovia…They’re good hosts too.

Last Add Rams & Redskins: So I’m watching a seventh round draft pick wear number 26 for the Rams play for Stephen Jackson and its Daryl Richardson, and I remembered another number 26 who replaced Lawrence McCutcheon…Wendell Tyler…Richardson even has some of the same speed/power balance Tyler had. I thought it was a crazy comparison, then Richardson fumbled late in the fourth quarter and I knew it…He was Wendell Tyler.

Speaking of running backs…Even without Johnny Hills, La Mirada is two touchdowns better than Norwalk this Friday night.

On the Torrance Schools: We will call South, South Torrance. West, West Torrance. North, Torrance…Just to help everyone get a geographical fix on these schools.

Speaking of North Torrance…The Saxons have scored 189 points and allowed only 59 through the first month of the season. They already appear to the be the team to beat in the Pioneer League, but a win over non-league rival West Torrance will affirm that point. HC Todd Croce has a big time home run hitter in Devante Jenkins.

Why does it matter? Because they are in the Northwest Division…home to; La Salle, B-Tech, the Olympic and Montview Leagues.

Last Add On This Date in 1976: El Rancho’s Louie Salazar rushed for 130 yards, and four touchdowns on 11 carries as the Dons defeated Pioneer 34-6.

The Dude abides…


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