Old School Mid Valley Top 12: October 5, 2009

Arroyo's Steven Rivera has been a TEN at quarterback for the Knights

Arroyo's Steven Rivera has been a TEN at quarterback for the Knights

We’ve never seen such distinction between number one and two, and the bottom three. Very good and very bad football being played. Both Arcadia and TC won after a tie, both teams share number five spot (NOT A TYPO). MVL looks like it could be a scramble two thru five, as could the Almont. Old School Mid Valley appears weekly at www.midvalleysports.com

1.) Monrovia: It’s all systems go for M-Town. Paraclete taking notice. Derrick Johnson putting the hurt on opponents.

2.) Alhambra: Three game winning streak nice, but will have to ratchet it up in the Almont. We want to know more about James Martin.

3.) Arroyo: Offensive line exposed by athletic Walnut defense or was it just an off night? Any questions about Steven Rivera’s toughness have been answered.

4.) San Gabriel: This week’s contest with San Marino critical. Covarrubias, Covarrubias, get the ball to Covarrubias.

5.) Temple City: White celebrates return to Mead with first TC victory. Who is David Spratt and where did he come from?

5.) Arcadia: Apaches have more weapons than most think. This includes Jason Mach. Overlook at your own risk.

7.) Rosemead: Note to Koffler; Survive South Hills, prepare for MVL. Luis Diaz back on the field, is a good thing.

8.) El Monte: Things don’t get any easier against Rowland, see Rosemead (above) for game plan. Quang Phong never quits.

9.) Gabrielino: Not horrid, but not good, needs an identity and could find it in MVL’s third playoff spot.

10.) South El Monte: “When you look through the years…”

11.) Mt. View: “…and see what you could have been, oh what you might have been…”

12.) Duarte: “…If you had, had more time.”

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