Fanview Lite: April 9, 2014

That's Devin Lee Washington, CB, Northview...Don't know who is looking over his shoulder.

That’s Devin Lee Washington, former Northview CB, who is now at Damien…Don’t know who is looking over his shoulder.

“Then take me disappearin’ through the smoke rings of my mind

Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves

The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach

Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow…”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

Anyone see the Dodger game last night?…Niether did I.

So the association rule is not what we thought it was…Better stated, perhaps, is the association rule is not what it used to be. In B.C.E. (Before the Common Era) the no association rule (nutshell) was in place and teams were forbidden to be out after school and working out as a team on the field before a set date.

When the rule was done away with a few years ago four-way tosses started cropping up as early as March. I can remember being on the field at one school with a camera standing next to an offensive coordinator with his laptop in February.

This is what we thought it was, but last night our phones started blowing up with texts, calls, and chat-boxes. Information is still coming in (and we more than welcome correction) but the rule was amended in November(?) and now teams cannot throw after school, with other schools, or with school equipment until May 12th.

But…Teams outside the umbrella of the schools are allowed to meet, throw, and participate in passing tournaments. For example if Skip Piccou at West El Monte Poly decided he wanted to start his own “Air Skip” squad he could take his players and form a team, using his own equipment, without violation of the rule or penalty.

This is as much as we got and thought it would be best to discuss it in a column as opposed to releasing a full story. Interesting some of the coaches we spoke to knew about this and were still trying to figure it out. Some other coaches and even school principals had no idea about the amendment.

Like so many things in our culture today we were told the motivating factors were insurance and liability issues…In other words CYA. So before you hate on the schools, remember we all live under the threat of litigation.

Feel free to drop us a line on the subject.

A coach I spoke to before all of this started was Northview’s Marcel Perez. The Vikings are scheduled to hit the field April 28th.

Don’t know how far back this goes but Northview always seems to have an endless supply of linemen and linebackers. Next fall won’t offer any exceptions The Vikings have a pair of bad dudes right in the mold of Andrew Rodriguez, Jared Brito, and the Auxier brothers.

Jaron Reed (senior-to-be) is a defensive end/offensive tackle who recorded 14 sacks a year ago. His measurements then were listed at 6-1, 225. Joining him is Roger Padilla (senior-to-be) a 6-0, 230 defensive tackle/guard.

Running behind them will be Christeon Blackmon…definitely someone you need to keep an eye on.

Speaking of running backs…last week we talked about Cantwell and its quarterback Matt Valencia. The Cardinals do return their top rusher as well. He gained 835 yards on 145 carries and scored six touchdowns (seven overall)…His name? Jean Lu Dauphiney…Is that a great name or what?

Something tells me Cleveland Browns fans should see the movie “Draft Day” rather than experience another actual Draft Day in May. Movies tend to have happy endings, Browns draft dramas tend to end with Braylon Edwards.

Question: Does Duarte go up or does Duarte go down in 2014? That’s not a shot at new HC Travis Brown, but a sober look at the Falcons football history. Extreme highs and low, lows. With one coaching change after another…after another…after another…

Because of the uncertainty of what the leagues and divisions will look like by the end of this month, we’ve been hesitant to post our lists of top returning players. Yet, we’ve still been getting tips about players who are under the radar. I got another one this week from Paramount.

Nick Hutson (junior-to-be) rushed for 890 yards last season and nine touchdowns. Listed at 5-10, 210 for 2013, he’s a tank at the prep level. Excited to see how things go for him this fall.

Last Add Northview: Cornerback Devin Lee Washington…transfered to Damien.


In regards to fantasy baseball: Can I dig it? Yes, I can!

In regards to “Survivor”: I say Tosh goes home tonight.

In regards to being a jerk: Act like one and no matter how much talent you have, you could end up like Josh Freeman. Unemployed.

In regards to Arcadia football: Is there a fan-base that still believes in the Apaches?

In regards to John Calipari: He’s the rich-man’s Tim Floyd.

The Dude abides…


1 Samuel: 10:6-7

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