Fanview: June 12, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world.”—Ronald Kornblow
“Do you really?”—Beatrice
“No, but I don’t mind lying if it’ll get me somewhere.”—Kornblow

Kick it!

I always feel more comfortable after a Kings playoff loss…It’s kind of like the world reminding me everything is as it should be.

World Cup?

Realizing opinions are free, seldom cost anything, and are like elbows in that everybody has two…I offer this; I think declarations of St. Francis dominance might be a bit premature. I’m not saying they are bad people, that Jim Bonds is a bad coach, or accusing them of being World Cup fans…but I am saying it is way too soon, with the talented teams in Southeast, to declare the Golden Knights as unstoppable.

Does anyone remember when La Mirada (Southeast) and Sierra Canyon (Mid-Valley) were declared unbeatable? I do, I even drank the Kool Aid because everything I saw, everything I read, everything on the stat sheet said they were going to be dominant.

The troubling part about football is that it has to be settled on the field…Not in Fanview.

Missed the Burroughs, Burbank, and Schurr throw yesterday…Did anyone go to it? I kind of wanted to see that one.

Is the biggest problem in professional sports the name “Redskins”?

I think I would have less of a problem with the Washington Redskins changing their name if I really thought it was out of sincerity and not some pathetic effort to pander to a narrow slice of sanctimonious elites…Because in all the polling Native Americans don’t care, and it most cases like the name.

In every circle, including church work (right nor left politics are not immune), group-think is always bubbling up and looking to assert itself. I just don’t believe the sincerity of those who want the Redskins name changed, and I definitely don’t believe the sports elites (Dan Patricks/Rich Eisens) when they all uniformly agree. Doesn’t it strike you as odd when everyone in a circle thinks the same thing, in lock step? Do you really think every anchor at ESPN and the NFL Network all agree the Redskins name should be changed or do they just dance with it to remain part of the circle? Or do they do it out of fear?

Barker, Peterson, and I think a like…but VillaTheDevil doesn’t, Big Tony did not, and old staffers like the Wolfman, Casey Brewer, and Johnathan Saller didn’t…This made and makes us better, and of course Johnny Blue State is out there to (attempt) take me to task.

MVS commenter “Mid Valley Maven” seems to have a passion for what is going on with Cal Condor football. So I looked it up…Did you know that the Condors are losing 31 of the 52 players on last season’s roster? They don’t have a player heavier than 245 pounds, and they open with the revved up Buena Park program on September 5th.

They might have problems…If they did get out of the Del Rio with a third place finish, where would they land in the first round of the Southeast playoffs?

I don’t know much, but I have to say, in some places down the 605 the Mid-Valley Division has to be looking pretty good right about now…and the Del Rio should have fought for it.

A lot of people are excited about a potential Monrovia-Charter Oak post season match, but did you know these teams have only played twice? The Chargers beat the Wildcats in both 2004 and 2005 by a combined score of 75-3…Going back to 1960, when CO started playing varsity football, those are the only games between the schools.

It’s odd how some schools (Rosemead-San Gabriel went 30 years) can go decades without facing each other. On the flip side there’s always a Don Lugo-South El Monte match up dropping in from left field.

On October 25th the Brick & Black (APU) travels to the middle of the country to play the South Dakota School of Mines. Did you know that San Gabriel alum/long time area assistant/and former Dakota Wesleyan OC Zeke Prado is now the tight ends coach for the School of Mines?

Note to Prado: I’m contemplating a road trip, but I’m going to need lodging and two or three Buffalo Burgers to make the deal work. Let me know.

In closing…

Need to pass this on as a testimony about the strength of character. On Tuesday we posted a short piece about the passing of former Rosemead “Bad Dude” linebacker Edward McMillon. In just two days it has become the most viewed story in the history of this website.

We’ve had stories blow up before. Transfers, coaching dramas, murders, but nothing even close has taken the response the McMillon story has. I think it is safe to say this young man was very beloved.

Again, we pray the best for his family.


In regards to Burroughs: Keith Knoop is going into his 18th season as the Indians HC.

In regards to Lakers: Have they really been reduced to waiting for LeBron to make a decision?…The lights are out and the jello is jiggling…

In regards to Fantasy Baseball: Kinda…sorta…HATE IT…right now. How much are the Tigers paying Justin Verlander?

In regards to Seattle Seahawks QB Terrelle Pryor: “He’s working really, really hard to get it. There are a lot of good things that are happening out here. Sometimes just being able to spit the play out in the huddle can be a challenge and that hasn’t been a problem for him. He’s been able to rip right through it. He’s picking up the offense really well.”—Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell

In regards to Redskins name change: According to an October, 2013 Associated Press Poll 90% of Native Americans found nothing offensive about the team name.

The Dude abides…


Psalms 27:1-2

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