Fanview: July 16, 2014

The Ranch lost Josh Roy (91) to graduation, but Malachi Allen returns to anchor a solid defensive front.

The Ranch lost Josh Roy (91) to graduation, but Malachi Allen returns to anchor a solid defensive front.

“Occasionally, I’ll hit somebody with my car. So sue me.”—Michael Scott

Kick it!

Oh, I’ve always been a Rodrigo Sanchez fan!

…Until he disagreed with me and agreed with Andy VillaTheDevil on soccer.

Off the top I would not write off any team because they lost in a seven-on-seven competition. In the timing, the development, the interaction of your team the passing leagues are ultra important. In regards to determining a champion…it still comes down to injuries, eligibility, tackling, blocking, determination, and scheme.

With that said I think it’s great Marshall got a win over Gabrielino, but it won’t do them a lick of good when they go to Gabrielino on September 26th.

The biggest problem with Marshall coming to the Mission Valley League is that it gives the league three teams nicknamed the “Eagles”. I don’t see Marshall competing this year (and sportswriters are often wrong), but I do see them as time passes, and they grow more stable, becoming a real pain in the neck for the rest of the MVL.

Kyle Orton being a free agent now might make things difficult for me and my plans. According to Arroyo OC Chris MacMillan my legs on my set up are too wide, but El Monte OC Brian Tabatabai likes my wide stance.

Sometimes I feel we talk a little too much Pacific League, but there’s no getting around what is going to be a tough league. From everything we are hearing about Chase Keough, Muir is going to be a factor.

In fact in a conversation with a former area coach I asked him how he thought Muir would fair in a post-season match against St. Francis and he said that Muir is the only program in the Southeast (before the realigning) that would have no fear stepping onto the field against the Golden Knights.

Speaking of the Southeast… Malachi Allen, a junior, for El Rancho was in on 46 tackles and 8.5 sacks. He’s slated to play defensive tackle this fall next to former Bishop Amat starter Levi Aguilar. Both players run about 6-1, 225.

“Our defensive line is going to be the soul of our ‘D’ this year,” said Dons HC Vinnie Lopez.

Did you feel anything watching the MLB All-Star Game last night? I felt nothing. I just wanted to see if Dave Concepcion was going to get an at-bat.

Something to remember about Diamond Ranch, and I don’t know if anyone does, but it was a coaching carousel at D-Ranch before Tom Leach took over and Roddy Layton succeeded. The Panthers have had only two head coaches from 2004 through 2013.

Kona Ice

Kona Ice

For what it’s worth Temple City is working on its fifth since 2006 and on the other end Arroyo has only had two in the last 35 years…and of course Charter Oak has had only one the last millennium.

Last Add SGV Shootout: Covina…A lot of folks are talking to us about Covina.

I know I run the risk of opening myself up to all kinds of comments, but does anyone miss grass? That is grass on a football field…The synthetic stuff is nice, but I miss dirt and mud.

I thought it was interesting when reading the USA Today football preview they listed UCLA (M-Town alum) Ellis McCarthy as a top ten NFL prospect for 2015, but then failed to list McCarthy as one of the top returning defensive players in the PAC 12 for 2014.

Question: There are still 12 teams in the PAC 12 right? They didn’t slip in a Central Florida or Memphis in on me over night did they?

Fantasy football question, because it is never too early, would you dance with Arian Foster? Something tells me that the Houston Texans have already received the best they are going to get from him and Andre Johnson.


In regards to New York Knicks GM Phil Jackson: Who has he acquired so far?

In regards to Alhambra: I’ve asked for contact information but have received nothing in return. We also haven’t seen them at any throws…please give them my email and we’ll come out and shoot pics.

In regards to Joe’s Crab Shack: I’m ready to go with anyone who is willing to buy.

In regards to the approaching NFL season: Would trade Direct TV and the Sunday Ticket for Time Warner and Dodger games?

In regards to Purdue: Go Boilermakers!

The Dude abides…


Psalms 40:1-3

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