Fanview: August 12, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“I hear hurricanes ablowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.”

Kick it!

The following is a true story…

I do not want to share where I was exactly, but lets just say I was in an educational environment this morning standing in a line. A man behind me has his phone go off. I don’t think anything about it until I hear him answer.

“Yes, Coach,” he says and my ears perk up. “Yes…Does practice start at five? Okay…Did school start already? I’m recruiting this (I couldn’t hear clearly)…Did school start for (he names a high school in our coverage zone)…Yeah, I’m talking to his mom. She’s not sure yet…I’ll let you know.”

What do you take from hearing a conversation like that…besides me having large ears…?

Something to keep in mind in the middle of all the talk about who is going to win the Southeast (and this is just something to keep in mind not a prediction) is Dominguez returns not only Joshua Ford (1,024 yards) and Keith Hairston (991) to carry the ball…but four out of five starters along the offensive line.

Stud left tackle Felipe Rosas took the graduation walk last spring, but Francisco Mendoza (LG), Tanner Luataua (C), Ioane Niupulusu (RG), and Kaluan Henry (RT) return to make the Dons a legitimate threat in the San Gabriel Valley League.

(626) 287-6417 Monday-Friday 8-6 | Saturday 8-4 9237 Lower Azusa Rd. #N Temple City, CA 91780

(626) 287-6417
Monday-Friday 8-6 | Saturday 8-4
9237 Lower Azusa Rd. #N
Temple City, CA 91780

Meanwhile perennial Mission Valley League champion Arroyo is rebuilding its entire offensive line. The Knights do return 1,000-yard back Randy Amezcua, which given the programs history could be enough in league but leave it short come November.

First lesson…and I don’t care if anyone thinks if it is inappropriate or “too soon”…unless your car is on fire or about to fall off a cliff, stay in your car. It’s not rocket science.

To the jerk that said: “I wouldn’t worry about Justin Verlander, he’s getting his old form back and I expect him to have a great second half of the season.” …I wish serious gastrointestinal distress upon you.

I can’t fault someone for wanting to improve their lot and provide for their family…But yeah, the timing sucks in regards to Marshall and Jim Arellanes departure…Yet is the timing ever good for a teacher when they get the pink slip in their box or in an envelope in the late spring?

Blood will always be thicker than water…

All sorts of ideas and thoughts are firing through my head on this subject, but all those thoughts and ideas are impossible not because of finance but philosophy. Most think scandal is the killer of churches, nope. The killer of churches, and I guess just about any organization, is the deep mortal fear of recognizing reality and changing the way we go about our business.

This is not the way for Marshall to enter a very competitive MVL…but if the arithmetic can ever be worked out, Marshall could be the circuits top power.

Last Add Offensive Line: The kind of year Burroughs has might be dependent on what kind of year running back Javier Pineda has. The left side of the Indians o-line returns with Andrew Mills (LT) and Anthony Olea (LG).

In regards to the Kansas City Royals: Go Blue! I’ve always been a Steve Busby fan!
In regards to Isis: When I was a kid she was a really good looking girl with a Saturday morning show.
In regards to Fantasy Football: I’m 22-4 with a title and a playoff appearance the last two years…but I’m listening if somebody has a sleeper to recommend me.
In regards to Arroyo’s defensive stats being inflated: I’ve never made a tackle for the Knights, but I have for other high schools over the last 15 years.
In regards to life: Choose it.

The Dude abides…


Psalms 51:10-12

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