Andy’s Anecdotes: September 19, 2014

Gettysburg CannonBy Andy Villanueva

Just came back from Washington, D.C. after a week of being a tourist.

For the record, “red eyes” help with the time change.

After a two hour nap after I arrived, my wife and I went to take in the West Virginia-Maryland game. It’s not the “Backyard Brawl” but there is some incredible passion between the fans in this game. The ‘eers fans were quite loud up until the Terps made their big comeback during the second and third quarters. Of course, the WVU fan behind me asked his buddy, “Where are we going to celebrate the Mountaineer victory. Buddy said, “well not around here they are (Terp fans) going to be crying in their beer tonight after the butt-whipping they will receive.”

Maryland rallied and all of a sudden the West Virginia fans were quiet. It had nothing to do with the rain either. Too bad, the Terps couldn’t finish the comeback.

We talk about battles in the trenches, do or die situations, but nothing can make you think twice about some of the terms we use when discussing sports after going to Gettysburg. If this was a championship best of seven game, the Union needed it to stay alive. Their backs were up against the wall and there was no margin for error on their part. And as always is the case, it’s the unknowns that played a major part in the Unions comeback during those three days in July. Just something to consider.

Is Oriole Park at Camden Yards near a quarter century old? The wife and I walked in and it looked cleaner than some of the newer parks and stadiums. The missus was shocked when I told her it was built around the early 90’s. She thought it was much newer.

Tried Boog’s BBQ, don’t understand the hype. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad. Nonetheless, after all the recommendations I thought it was going to blow me away. It sadly didn’t.

I think there should be a petition going around all stadiums to get those nice stadium seats. It sure was nice on the buttocks and back.

Heading out to the PBR event in Laughlin with a heavy a heart after the news of Lightmaker’s Rango. One of the best bulls on tour, suddenly passed away after experiencing intestinal problems. He was supposed to compete in the 15/15 Bucking Battle tonight at the Laughlin Events Center along with Bushwacker.

Having spent nearly half my life around equine athletes and taking care of them, it isn’t easy to go on with the day to day operations. Especially if the animal is family. Rango was just that for Jeff Robinson, the defending PBR Stock Contractor of the Year.

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