Andy’s Anecdotes: 10/03/14

Keyshawn Johnson watched his son play wide receiver for Calabasas on Thursday night at St Francis. (photo by Andy Villanueva)

Keyshawn Johnson watched his son play wide receiver for Calabasas on Thursday night at St Francis. (photo by Andy Villanueva)

By Andy Villanueva

Did not see Bobby Madrid on my sideline this week. So the thought of him stalking me is out of the window.

Does any sportswriter out there do a better yeoman’s job of covering smaller sports than Keith Lair? The man does it all during the year. He isn’t afraid to do the gritty games and while covering the games to begin this season has been seen hobbled with a bum ankle.

Can you consider a failed opening drive a game changer? I think it does when a team has not won many games in the last few years. I make my point in regards to Calabasas who looked as though they were about give St. Francis everything they could handle on its opening drive. Tristan Gebbia, Chris Brooks, Emmanule Osuchukwu, and Keyshawn Johnson Jr all found ways to make life miserable for the Golden Knights defense. Then on first and goal inside the 2-yard line, a 10-yard penalty was issued for holding. This didn’t help the momentum that the Coyotes built on this first drive and it stalled. The field goal attempt was pulled wide and the Golden Knights march straight down the field and score.

The next possession for the young Calabasas team ended in disaster with a short fourth and two inside their 30-yard line. After much deliberation, the punting unit comes on and St. Francis blocks the punt and scores.

Just like that a game that looked close at the beginning turned into a blow out. It either means that Jeremiah Martin and Ager Nazarian are going to be too much for the Southeast Division or the Coyotes will be winning some games once they understand how to win games.

They have two former NFL players on staff and another on the sidelines watching their games.

Casey Clausen and Chris Claiborne played in the league long enough to know what it takes to get there and play in it. Keyshawn Johnson watched as his son played and not once interjected what needed to be done or was upset with the outcome.

After the game, Claiborne and Johnson were both optimistic about Calabasas and their future.

I honestly think “armchair” coaches (aka parents that live through their children) could take a couple of notes from the way Johnson watched the game.

Looking forward to watching Glendora and Kaiser tonight.

The Tartans will need for Matt Fink to play a complete game for them to be successful. Andrew Montano is having a good season with 428 yards rushing and three touchdowns.

The Cats will run the ball all day with Joshua Johnson and Dwayne Parchment who combined have 842 yards on the ground. They 75% of the offense for Kaiser, add in Elijah Hernandez who has thrown for 295 yards passing and it is closer to 85%. It is easier said than done, but stop those three and Kaiser might be in for a long night.

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