Fanview Lite: December 10, 2009

Gus Viramontes (#8) is critical to the D-Ranch cause.

Gus Viramontes (#8) is critical to the D-Ranch cause.

Good Evening!

No matter how good a coach Brian Kelly is, no matter how wonderful the opportunity, no matter the fact that he will probably secure his family’s financial future for years to come…what he has done by agreeing to become head coach at Notre Dame as his Cincinnati team prepares for the Sugar Bowl against Florida is unforgivable…The biggest game in the history of the university and in the lives of his players and Kelly can’t wait till the other side of New Year’s to announce his departure.

I wish Kelly nothing but the worst at Notre Dame…

As far as Notre Dame…This the institution of higher learning that gave a 10 year contract to Charlie Weiss…What arrogance…They couldn’t wait three weeks? Notre Dame football is not going to be rebuilt on what takes place on the recruiting trail over the next three weeks…

I wish nothing but the worst for Notre Dame football in the years to come…

Ayala? Do I really have to go all the way out to Ayala to see Charter Oak and Diamond Ranch? Can’t they just play it at Rowland?

San Dimas and Monrovia at Citrus works for me… I don’t think I want to be running up and down those steps to the press box if its raining…

I wish he would stay in college for a couple more years, but Kentucky’s John Wall can play anywhere on the planet. He’s great to watch.

If a starting quarterback goes down this weekend which of the four remaining teams from coverage area has the best chance of surviving?

Monrovia: If Nick Bueno goes down two players are listed as quarterbacks on the roster; freshman George Frazier and senior Andrae Stelly. Frazier looks like he’s a post-season call up, while Stelly has rushed for 101-yards on 19-carries, caught two passes, scored a touchdown, and played defense. Neither, however, has thrown a pass this season. The only other Wildcat to throw a pass this season was Josh Lowden, on a fake punt against Temple City. Bueno going down equals: BIG TROUBLE

San Dimas: Two players are listed as quarterbacks if Shawn Kennedy should go down. One is freshman Emilo Zertuche the other is junior Stefan Munoz. Zertuche looks to be a post-season addition, but Munoz has had some time behind center. Ironically it came against Monrovia when he went 2-4-35-yards. He has seen action in the first rounds of the playoffs against Workman and Valley Christian.

Shawn Kennedy going down equals: TROUBLE

Charter Oak: The Chargers are in the best shape if disaster should strike. Travis Santiago is backed up by junior Josiah Thropay and senior Kyle Brown both have had time behind center as well as time on the field. With the weapons surrounding the CO signal callers an injury to Santiago creates a much smaller earthquake. Travis Santiago going down equals: Not good.

Diamond Ranch: Gus Viramontes, along with M-Town’s Bueno, is probably the most critical to his team’s success. Talent and soul of the offense, if he goes down the best guess to replace him looks to be junior Justin Engman (welcome the correction). Simply put there is no way, no chance, for the Panthers if something should happen to this guy. Great team, but it starts with him. Gus Viramontes going down equals: BIG BIG TROUBLE.

Quarterback Fact: Three of those quarterbacks (Bueno, Kennedy, Santiago) are underclassmen. Santiago is the only senior in the group. In 2008 on Robbie Thompson (Paraclete), Angel Alejandre (Rosemead), and Chris Allen (Charter Oak) were all seniors. Viramontes was the underclassman.

“He Got Game” aside, I’ve always liked Ray Allen…even in a Boston Celtics uniform. He knows how to play the game.

Gee, I thought Shaq would have a bigger impact for Cleveland…

A moment of silence please for the official end of Barry Bonds career…Immediately following the moment of silence let us all SHOUT FOR JOY!

Question: If Monrovia-San Dimas comes down to a field goal who kicks the game winner? M-Town has not put a trey through the uprights since September against Rosemead. Saints all-purpose stud Dillon Corona has drilled four field goals this season, most recently in the second round of the playoffs against Valley Christian.

Edge Corona.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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