Fanview: April 23, 2015

Oh, I've always been a Dick Enberg fan!

Oh, I’ve always been a Dick Enberg fan!

“(Football is) the last bastion of hope for toughness in America in men, in males.”—Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh

Kick it!

Right off the Top: The best thing about San Diego Padres baseball is Dick Enberg.

Breaking News: Matt Koffler, D.J. MacKinnon, Erick Escamilla, Jon Dimalante, Mike Mooney, and former Rio Hondo College HC Clint South have all joined the Buena Park coaching staff.


I love football…You probably love football…have you ever asked yourself why? I mean it has to be more than rooting for your favorite team doesn’t it?

I bring this up as a one time basketball player, I loved playing basketball and it was a natural place for me to gravitate to after getting smashed a few times while playing (quarterback) football.

For me a basketball game came down to putting the ball through the hoop. If I was having an off day shooting, I could make up for it on defense, being unselfish on offense, hitting the glass, and moving without the ball…But if my team didn’t have a good shooting night we’d lose. The touch of even the best of shooters can be a fickle thing.

In baseball I can hustle, I can play by all the fundamentals, field, throw, but the game would be decided by the fractions, the small incremental fractions of where the ball hits the bat. Those tenths/millimeters are the difference between a home run, pop out, or single.

Energy, passion, motivation are not deciding factors…But football is different. Football is execution and effort. Football is a game where brute strength and max effort can make a difference. In the next few weeks as spring practices kick up again were going to see tee shirts with team mottos printed on the backs…The one that will ring most true might be the one that says: “Hard Work Beats Talent”…

Why do you love football?


That’s what I love about football…We don’t really have them, at least I haven’t seen them, but what good is a cheerleader at a baseball game?

Have you considered my team the New York Mets? Baby I believe….I believe….


I’ve been writing this column since the last week of October,1998…And one thing I’ve never talked about is how I spent the decade of the 1980’s sneaking into Dodger Stadium with miscreants Peterson and Barker. I’ve always wanted to go into detail about it and all of the things that happened, but because a large part of our appeal is to students under 18 I’ve held off.

Then again…It was (gasp) 30 years ago…Wouldn’t they now just be funny stories? Or something inappropriate that could corrupt young people?

Tell me should I share these stories? Would you share yours? Please share yours…


In regards to Robert Downey Jr.’s walkout: A reporter can ask any question they want…And the one being asked can walkout any time they want.

In regards to Candela Fernandez: The Burbank cross country standout turns 17 today.

In regards to concussions in the NFL: I laugh when former NFL players take no responsibility for their own decisions in playing football, staying in the game, and then want someone else to compensate them for their choices.

In regards to Gevon Moore: He is no longer part of the Norwalk Lancers program but a member of…the La Mirada Matadores.

In regards to Madison Wheeler: If he is no longer at Bellflower, can someone please let us know where he landed?

The Dude abides…


Psalms 93:4

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