The Peterson Principle: 2/15/2016

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

The Super Bowl is over officially marking an end to the football season so of course we’re going to talk about…football.

For high school football it can be the most interesting time of the year as the coaching carousel continues to go round and round. Any updates? Well, here’s what we have so far.

Joel Sanchez stepped down at El Monte after a 13 year run last week and the search is on. Former South El Monte head coach Ibis Aguilar is already on campus and word is that he is liked by the administration. Aguilar has applied for the position and should have the inside track. He looks like a good fit.

Speaking of South El Monte, there could be an announcement soon on a big name assistant coach. It’s pending approval. Stay tuned.

Nothing out of Duarte so far on the replacement of Travis Brown. Got the scoop out of Gladstone that the application window closed Friday and they will begin screening applicants this week. The interviews will begin on February 22 as the Gladiators look for a successor for Citos Marinez.

Baldwin Park is still open. Former HC James Heggins said that the job was flown again, for the second time, Wednesday. The BP search continues.

Aaron Sepulveda, is out at Keppel. Sepulveda didn’t resign but the Aztecs wanted to go in a different direction. We don’t know who will step in for Sepulveda but we do know that it will be a coach that is on campus. By the way did you know that Sepulveda was just named the head baseball coach at Mt. View?

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Another note on Aguilar. He also applied at Bonita after Adrian Medrano left for El Rancho, but with the teaching job open at El Monte, that will be his first choice.

The Jim Singiser to Monrovia rumors have already started. I just don’t see it. If Singiser really wanted Monrovia he would have taken it two years ago when the Wildcats asked him to apply. He’s entrenched at Arroyo where he is also the Athletic Director. Is Monrovia going to offer him the same package that he’s receiving from the El Monte School District? Now crazier things have happened – I didn’t think Medrano would leave Bonita for El Rancho- but this is a big stretch.

So who does end up in M-Town? I know of one prominent local coach, who just left the area last year to take a head coaching job, that applied, but I’m not at liberty to release his name just yet.

I’ve also heard the names of Monrovia assistant Donald Davis, former Muir HC John Hardy, and former Duarte/Blair/Marshall head coach Tip Sanders floated. Wardell Crutchfield? Nah!!

When does passing league start?

That’s my principle.

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