Fanview Lite: February 13, 2010

Critics of Rosemead QB Matt Macias are overlooking his strong finish in 2009 and fierce competitiveness.

Good Afternoon!

T-Minus-209 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

While watching highlights of the 1981 World Series last night (and waiting for my daughter to get home from Disneyland) a sudden gratefulness came to me about being old.

I got to experience not only the Dodgers World Series victory over the Yankees; but I grew up watching Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey. O’Malley ownership and Lasorda direction on the field. Dusty Baker is just a foul word to those under 30 today…but I got to see Baker put together all-star seasons in left at Chavez Ravine.

We’ve salvaged some of it thanks to Vin Scully. So our kids have experienced at least some greatness, but I doubt if they will ever enjoy the game or feel the bond of team, player, city we did when we were young.

“We are very excited about the coming season,” said Rosemead DC Marc Paramo. “We should be strong up front on both sides of the ball. Defensively, we have our nose tackle Sal Chavarin (1st team all league selection as a sophomore), we also have Fabian Ramirez at defensive tack (3 year letterman and 2 year starter), and Julio Tlaxcuapan (started every game on offensive).

“Rene Valdez could see playing time on the defensive line, he saw limited action last year but started on the offensive line the entire season. Anthony Escarcega also returns on the offensive line, and will be utilized on the defensive line.

“We also have two sophomore tight ends that came on late last year who will see significant time on both sides of the ball. We are definitely deep in the trenches. Defensively, we will also bring back Matt Eddy (All league LB), Eddie Solario (3 year letterman) at linebacker, and Stanley Rodriguez who also took plenty of snaps at linebacker. Most importantly, we will be bringing back Matt Macias and matt fregoso in the secondary.”

Paramo doesn’t sound excited at all.

The Basketball Hall of Fame is a joke…Even if I was elected I’d turn it down. By its current criteria anybody with a vague interest in the game gets nominated and admitted. I think Corey “Corn Dawg” Kwok by virtue of his relentless patrolling of the local hardwood deserves enshrinement.

The NBA needs to create its own hall of fame. Please, and regain my respect.

Why was everyone giving Danica Patrick a hard time about her crash today? Cut her some slack, you ever seen my wife back out of the driveway?

After finishing the regular season with consecutive losses to Rosemead and Gabrielino, the Arroyo Lady Knights will make the playoffs. Although their playoff draw (announced tomorrow), will probably send them to Bucharest for the first round they will be in the playoffs for the nineteenth time in twenty years.

The only Mike Gorball team not to make the dance? The 2002-2003 squad that featured one senior, four juniors, five sophomores, and two freshmen. Three years later they put a stop to the Rosemead Lady Panthers 44-game MVL winning streak and won their first league title since 2001.

La Canada girls HC Tamar Hill says she’s hoping for a good draw too.

I know people are waiting for it so let me get it out of the way…

While very sorry for the recent loss of life, the Olympics winter or summer stink ice. They smell, they smell real bad…all of this brotherhood of man, peace and harmony, is preposterous.

Every time I see an opening ceremony I’m always reminded of the Biblical account about the Tower of Babel.

But just so we’re clear I will take the Special Olympics (a truly awesome deal) and the Olympic League…I’m kind of partial to 6’5 defensive tackles.

Last Add Arroyo Lady Knights: The two freshmen on the 2002-2003 team were Diana Moreno an and Liezl Sarte.

Last Add Matt Macias: Remember the Rosemead quarterback last season was only a junior. He finished with 12 touchdown passes against only six interceptions, and threw for over half his yardage in the Panthers final three games…And is a fierce competitor.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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