The TEN: 4/6/2017



(“The TEN” is not a top ten but ten items worth being included in “The TEN”)

1. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo officially retires and will become the lead analyst at CBS.

2. Kentucky guard Malik Monk joins teammate De’Aaron Fox and will enter the NBA draft.

3. Former Dodger Pedro Guerrero woke from a coma and was speaking to family and friends Wednesday morning in a New York hospital two days after suffering a massive stroke.

4. Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who retired a year ago, visits the Oakland Raiders as he continues to explore a possible return to the NFL.

5. The Cleveland Cavaliers blow out Boston 114-91 and take a one game lead over the Celtics for first place in the Eastern Conference.

6. La Canada leads the Rio Hondo League with a 3-0 record after an 11-2 win over Temple City Wednesday.

7. New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose will miss 3-6 weeks after surgery for a torn meniscus in his left knee. Rose, who has been plagued with knee injuries throughout his NBA career, will be a free agent in the off season.

8. Arroyo is already throwing on Saturdays and will have its first four way on April 15 that will include South El Monte and Bell Gardens.

9. On this day in 1973 the Pittsburgh Pirates retire Roberto Clemente’s number 21. Clemente died in a plane crash on December 31, 1972. He had exactly 3000 hits in his career.

10. “Roberto Clemente could field the ball in New York, and throw out a guy in Pennsylvania.” – Vin Scully.

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  1. anno's Gravatar anno
    April 11, 2017 - 8:04 am | Permalink

    That Rebel coach is not going to get a slight chance , I believe reason is their (Rosemead) arrogance when they hear he wins and they laugh that its pop warner, news for you Oliva coached at Rebels also.
    The Covina HS coach before he took the job was the covina pop warner coach , Rosemead AD needs to realize that to coach you need to know football and teach kids , if a pop warner coach continues to get championships, it wasn’t a fluke that he had a great player that he gives him the ball and wins for him , it is obvious that he can coach, give him a call , if he sucks then fire and hire again in a year or 2

  2. April 10, 2017 - 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Anonymous, that Rebel coach is also a Rosemead HS Alum

  3. JJimenez's Gravatar JJimenez
    April 10, 2017 - 12:53 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the info.

  4. NWO's Gravatar NWO
    April 10, 2017 - 12:40 pm | Permalink

    Although, I could support him at Rosemead also. They have some good Freshmen coming in.

  5. NWO's Gravatar NWO
    April 10, 2017 - 12:37 pm | Permalink

    SG has beaten Arroyo before, so I know he can. Most recent 2011. He would have my support to return to SG.

  6. superman's Gravatar superman
    April 10, 2017 - 12:25 pm | Permalink


  7. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    April 10, 2017 - 10:33 am | Permalink


    With all due respect your incorrect about Maranatha. 2009:8 wins and 3 losses, 2010: 8 wins and 4 losses, 2011: 8 wins and 3 losses, 2012: 3-7 2013 (Oliva’s first year): 8 wins 3 losses. They were not perennial losers, in fact he did exactly what the previous coach’s did before him. They were competitive and relevant. He did not rise Maranatha up from the ashes. Leave the man alone and stop putting more pressure on him then what he already puts on himself. Jude has the BP job locked up, he doesn’t want that kind of pressure. That being said l, if he is wanting the Rosemead job and is available, you definitely need to entertain that offer. I’m sure there weren’t too many coach’s with HC experience that applied.

  8. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    April 10, 2017 - 10:32 am | Permalink

    Why doesnt Rosemead hire the Rosemead Rebel coach that wins all those championship in pop warner.

  9. superman's Gravatar superman
    April 10, 2017 - 9:50 am | Permalink

    @JJ Jimenez; he took SG made it matter, and Maranatha had been loosing maybe winning one or 2 games a year, 1st year not year 3 not year 4 but 1st year and they win 90%, WOW that is impressive , with the same guys there. no recruits. Lets see
    Jude goes to Buena Park and they are competitive in a much bigger division, just to stay competitive is good but a small league like Mission valley he can succeed; VS Marshall, SEM, EM, Gab,Mountain View, his only competition would be Arroyo, .
    This guy getting all the attention could backfire, as the people to pull the trigger in hiring him could think like you, and offer the job to a guy like you?
    Question, the people that applied are qualified? If so, and you believe that he can beat every one in league, and maybe compete with Rival Arroyo then hire immediately.
    I believe you hire the best that is available , not the one that kisses people behind.

  10. JJimenez's Gravatar JJimenez
    April 9, 2017 - 9:25 pm | Permalink

    Quick honest, sincere question…Not familiar with the man and by no means am I disparaging him, but why are so many people drinking Jude Olivia’s kool-aid? As a Mead alumnus and panther fan just curious what has he accomplished to garner such merit? Has he even applied for the job?

  11. Area Spectator's Gravatar Area Spectator
    April 9, 2017 - 11:53 am | Permalink

    Isn’t every time Oliva goes somewhere, he’s supposed to take them to new heights?? All these years a HC starting from SG to now the OC at BP… How many CIF titles has he won? How many League titles has he won?… But that’s right, New height here we come!

  12. Superman's Gravatar Superman
    April 8, 2017 - 8:27 pm | Permalink

    @baseball coach; you are the moron!
    First for calling people moron immediately thinking you can intimidate because of your insecurities, second because baseball is not even 2nd , 3rd , or 4th place of sports to watch after football. It is loosing ratings only playoff is important if your local team is in it! Noonecares

  13. FlyEagleFly's Gravatar FlyEagleFly
    April 7, 2017 - 4:37 pm | Permalink

    Baseballcoach, I wasn’t referring to you–I agree with you completely. I was speaking to the guy who said that baseball consisted of five minutes of action, etc. his handle is @baseballcoach. You’ll note that I was countering his points.

  14. April 7, 2017 - 1:06 pm | Permalink

    At flyeagle
    You moron! My only assertion was that football coaches need to respect our season that’s all! I said nothing about attendance or anything else. While in season I do not mandate anything from the kids who play football while the baseball season is on our football coach threatens the kids about kicking them off the team if they do not participate in activities in March April. How utterly ridiculous is that?

  15. NWO's Gravatar NWO
    April 7, 2017 - 9:04 am | Permalink

    Doubles Zip Gator beats Arroyo.

  16. FlyEagleFly's Gravatar FlyEagleFly
    April 7, 2017 - 8:19 am | Permalink

    @baseball coach: You are pretty much incorrect in each of your assertions. Baseball’s first televised game occurred in August 1939 (, and attendance has steadily increased during that period. ( In addition, local baseball telecasts (think Fox Sports or CSN) have increased in viewership in the last decade. Regarding your point about time of play, you are off by thirteen minutes. The average amount of live action in a football game is just eleven minutes, per a Wall Street Journal report. ( I respect your desire to emasculate baseball to somehow increase football’s relevance, but the facts do not support your assertions.

  17. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    April 7, 2017 - 8:12 am | Permalink

    Yeah like second place where they have been. Couldn’t beat Rosemead when he was at SG now he is going to beat Arroyo! Lmao

  18. April 7, 2017 - 8:05 am | Permalink

    I can think of a dozen coaches at least after reading this. Things go right pound your chest things go wrong blame the kids.

  19. superman's Gravatar superman
    April 7, 2017 - 7:36 am | Permalink

    If Mr: Jude Oliva goes to Rosemead , it will take Rosemead to places it has never been. Take that to the bank.

  20. April 6, 2017 - 10:24 pm | Permalink

    Stole this commenter: Superman
    How true it is…
    @FBFan “most good coaches spend time watching film getting ready for the next game”?
    Wow, most GREAT coaches spend more time training team on Agility, speed,catching angles, attacking angles, route running,feet position, hip position, hand position,defending angles, defending spaces, teaching different type of offenses, or different type of defenses, lineman feet movement, back position, hand position, offensive timing with QB and receivers, playbook for special circumstances, etc etc etc, and not on film, It is OK to watch film to catch mistakes , and watch film on next opponent, but that is half day only of film to prepare your style before you train team how to defend and attack.
    Most good or mediocre coaches arrogance think they can coach their style and no one can stop them, also ; Too difficult of a Defense play calling, in which half the players do not understand their assignments. Failure!
    Many type of offenses do not function with the D the other team has , you don’t go into the game and on 3rd qtr and figure out that is your problem of why our loosing..
    Great coaches use the right kid for the right position and not play politics.
    Great coaches ask for help.
    Great coaches motivate, not put down.
    Great coaches do it for the love of the game not Fame.
    This was not thrown to Rosemad coaching, this was an answer to FBFan who commented most good coaches.
    Coaches should look at themselves on the mirror and ask ,Did I give 100 % ? If not ; STEP DOWN. Go watch Kitty Football as FBFan says.

  21. Football Fan's Gravatar Football Fan
    April 6, 2017 - 4:14 pm | Permalink

    Jude isn’t going anywhere. He is going to stay at Buena Park.

  22. NWO's Gravatar NWO
    April 6, 2017 - 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Props to baseball coach. I played both sports all four years in high school. I can get behind Jude at Rosemead. He will get the Rebel kids.

  23. @Baseball Coach's Gravatar @Baseball Coach
    April 6, 2017 - 1:13 pm | Permalink

    Understand that this site wouldn’t exist without football, and that the advent of televised baseball drove the nail in its own coffin. The reason is that your average baseball game consists of no more than five minutes of base-running, sprinkled between three hours of waiting for someone to hit the ball. Put another way, baseball is a sport whose time has come and gone.

  24. ?'s Gravatar ?
    April 6, 2017 - 12:49 pm | Permalink

    More PBR (not the beer)

  25. @Baseball Coach's Gravatar @Baseball Coach
    April 6, 2017 - 12:17 pm | Permalink

    “As I’ve stated the kids playing baseball will not participate in any football related activities until our season is over… PERIOD!”

    What are you crying about? Last time I checked baseball was a year-around sport as well. I’m sure football coaches are tired of having to deal with their players doing baseball summer leagues and travel ball, yet they deal with it anyway. Most football coaches encourage multi-sport athletes whereas baseball and basketball coaches force an athlete to choose one or the other. If your football coaches do the same where you’re at then that sucks to be you but get off your high horse.

    While I’m on here can we have a little less coverage for baseball?

  26. Hehehe's Gravatar Hehehe
    April 6, 2017 - 10:38 am | Permalink

    @baseball coach
    Gtfoh bro. Go cry to someone who cares! It’s America football is the now, baseball is a past time. It’s boring bro let’s be clear about that

  27. If u can't play in the rain it's not a sport's Gravatar If u can't play in the rain it's not a sport
    April 6, 2017 - 10:05 am | Permalink

    More football!!

  28. I want one too's Gravatar I want one too
    April 6, 2017 - 10:01 am | Permalink


  29. April 6, 2017 - 8:31 am | Permalink

    Football teams throwing already… really? You guys gotta start during our season? Force kids to participate or be kicked off the team. Unbelievable! I mean Can you fathom a football coaches reaction to baseball holding workouts or track holding extra training during the football season? They’d go ape $#¥t. Can someone please explain what these two schools are getting out of 7 on 7 in March or April? Half of the kids aren’t even there at least my baseball kids won’t be there. There’s No respect for other coaches rules or the other sports season whatsoever. I for one am fed up with our football coach. As I’ve stated the kids playing baseball will not participate in any football related activities until our season is over… PERIOD!
    While I’m on here how about a little more coverage for baseball?

  30. The witness's Gravatar The witness
    April 6, 2017 - 8:04 am | Permalink

    If it’s true Rosemead to hire Jude Oliva, that would be a great hire. I’m still fired up that BG did Jude wrong during the hiring process a few years ago, he was the clear favorite with the best resume to take the HC job for BG. He never even had a chance because Juan already had made the decision even before setting up interviews his man compa was Ackerman. DIRTY!!!
    Congrats Rosemead!

  31. Fear the mead now!!!!'s Gravatar Fear the mead now!!!!
    April 6, 2017 - 7:07 am | Permalink

    Jude Oliva new Rosemead football coach. You heard it here. Him and Coach Knight are battling for RHS or EM job. either way the MVL just got better.

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