Fanview Lite: March 12, 2010

So glad the Dodgers went to Taiwan to promote baseball, there’s a good chance the game could catch on there.

Good Morning!

T-Minus-181 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Note to Covina’s Darryl Thomas: Girls basketball coach Matt Kearns and standout Jackie Ford have confirmed their appearance on this Tueday’s “Mid Valley Sports Show”… Gear. Put the gear in their hands… and it will go well with you in 2010.

Gear, or no gear, keep Billy Livingston healthy.

Final Add Covina: I’m a double XX…but I’ll wear triple because I like my shirts lose when playing ball…

I needed the day off yesterday…If I had written about Merlin Olsen’s passing, I would have went War & Peace length on the greatest of all Los Angeles Rams.

Sad at his passing, and sad that his legacy from a football standpoint, is forced to share his NFL career with his Little House on the Prairie/Father Murphy career.

Seeing Olsen play several times when I was a kid I can say the feeling of the fans at the Coliseum was almost Vin Scully-like when it came to Olsen. More than appreciated, he was revered.

The great Deacon Jones said; “You didn’t mess with Merlin on the field.”

Zeke Prado, who served as general manager for the New York Jets in last month’s Mid Valley Draft, drop me a line saying his early drafting of San Gabriel’s Arthur Brown at tailback was now justified because of Thomas Jones departure from the club.

(Jones was released and signed with the Kansas City Chiefs this week)

Note to Prado: Okay now convince Jude Oliva to give him the ball twenty times a game.

A stupid headline on Yahoo Sports about San Francisco Giants starter Tim Lincecum asks: “What Makes Tim Tick?”

I’m not real sure but isn’t he a member of the water bong society? Isn’t he about getting high and listening to the fiddlers? (correction welcomed)

So the Dodgers are in Taiwan. Couldn’t go to Taiwan in January? Before Christmas? Middle of November? They have to distract from the 2010 spring training season by jetting to Taiwan?

I don’t like it.

Who I do like is the versatile and dependable Kevin Faulk. The veteran running back is signed again for another season in New England. Faulk was a second round pick in 1999 and part of four Super Bowl teams. Great to see the happy marriage of player and organization.

I don’t like chaos.

Note to Area Baseball Teams: Got word last night that the Bolsa Grande baseball program, down in Orange County, recently had every piece of equipment stolen including its pitching machine. This is unsolicited on their part, but if you have extra gear you might want to think about giving Bolsa Grande High School a call and seeing if you can lend a hand.

Maybe I was too early a year ago. Last spring/early summer I was touting Baldwin Park in the Valle Vista as the team to watch and consider in the Mid-Valley Division. Part of my ingenious argument was based on the in depth analysis I pursued of San Dimas where I came to the conclusion they had lost too much to graduation and wouldn’t be a threat in 2009.


Now BP does lose the underrated Manny Salcedo at quarterback and the talented Christian Lazaro at wide receiver but defensively this season they return a host of beasts in Mario Rodriguez, Jose Franco, Armando Montoya. They also have some kid named Crutchfield, Wardell, the third, who was dominant at linebacker last season.

So maybe this is the year of the Braves in the Wild Wild Vista.

Final Add Playing Ball: I’m starting to loosen up. Should have seen me light up former Temple City quarterback Riley Saxon a few weeks ago.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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