The Peterson Principle: 4/3/2018

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

Dave Roberts may not be concerned, the Dodgers medical staff may be not be concerned, but I am concerned about Kenley Jansen.

It’s not just the two home runs that he’s given up in his two appearances, it’s the velocity of his fastball. In his first appearance his average speed was 89.6. The home run he gave up to Chris Owings of the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday night came on a 90.5 – mph cutter. His other pitches were clocked at 90, 88, 89, 92 and 91. That might get it done in the minors but any major league hitter is going to jump on that.

I don’t know if it’s overwork from previous seasons, a hamstring issue that he had in spring training or simply a problem with mechanics, but the Dodgers and Jansen need to figure it out. The majority of the Dodger staff, outside of Clayton Kershaw, is conditioned to go five or six innings with the bullpen then counted on to close it out. The feeling  before was that the Dodgers didn’t have a bridge to Jansen, Brandon Morrow? but now if Jansen isn’t right as well they could be in trouble. Bottom line is you should never lose a game in which you had a three run lead in the ninth inning.


First off all I know it’s soccer. It may not be at the top of your list of sports preferences, but if you haven’t seen Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal for the LA Galaxy last Sunday against LAFC, google it. It’s one of those “wow” moments.


Isn’t the best thing for the Clippers to do at this point is to miss the playoffs? They’ll be one and done anyway and they’ll be in the Lottery. Great job of coaching by Doc Rivers considering all the personnel that the Clippers lost, but now just look forward to next season. Maybe sign a free agent and land a quality draft pick and they’re back in the hunt.


It’s clear the Lakers have lined themselves up to make a big splash this summer, and with Magic Johnson at the helm that may do just that. But can you imagine if they don’t land a big fish? What if LeBron James says no and Paul George decides to stay in Oklahoma City? All of this trading that maneuvering would be all for naught. The summer of 2018 is make or break for the Lakers and the break would be devastating.


I didn’t really care who won the NCAA Championship game however it was nice to see a team like Villanova, a team that has stayed together, win its second title in three years. Donte DiVencenzo!


It’s been an eventful off season in high school football. Isn’t it always? As mentioned in a previous story here on Mid Valley Sports, there have been over 20 head coaching changes on the local front since the season ended. Steve Bogan, Chris Williams and Brandon Rohrer are a few of the “name” coaches that have moved on to different head coaching jobs. I’m hearing some interesting names being tossed around for Cantwell, which opened up when Travis Brown, who has since been named the OC at Northview, stepped down in March. Cantwell finished 6-5 last year and made the playoffs, and is a school that has had some talent come through its doors. One former head coach who is well known in the area, told me he was definitely intrigued, and if he didn’t take it he knew a couple of other names that would. We’ll see…

This may have flown under the radar although we did mention it in “The TEN” but former Temple City/San Marino head coach Mike Mooney has joined the staff at Arcadia. Mooney left South Monte due to differences in offensive philosophies…

Sounds like Arroyo HC Jim Singiser recovered quickly from a recent surgery. Assistant coach Hunter Duran mentioned on Twitter that he showed up at practice last Saturday…

Big things are happening at El Monte…

Josh Knight can succeed at Baldwin Park if given time. None of this one and done or two and through type thing. Give him four of five years to establish the program and get things going. It’s also crucial that he has the support of the administration. The fact that Baldwin Park is Knight’s alma mater and he played quarterback for former BP legendary coach Tony Zane, leads me to believe that they have the right guy. “It’s good to be home,” Knight said after being hired.

Another thing about head coaching hires, if I never hear the words “We’re waiting for board approval” again, it will be too soon.


It was fun to watch the high school basketball playoffs run its course.

It was cool to see Chino Hills win the State basketball championship without LiAngelo, LaMelo and especially LaVar. They did have a Ball named Andre, but he’s a cousin, and not directly under LaVar, so it doesn’t count…

Pasadena’s Bryce Hamilton is going to UNLV and Darius Brown II is heading to Cal State Northridge. Any word on Tavian Percy? That kid can play…

That’s my principle.

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  1. My Two Cents's Gravatar My Two Cents
    April 4, 2018 - 1:02 pm | Permalink

    The Lakers would still be fine even if they don’t land a big name free agent this Summer. The 2019 class is more intriguing to me. I would rather have Khawhi and Klay than George and LeBron. Their core would be a year older and wiser. The main thing is for everyone to stay healthy. Lonzo needs to work on making his free throws and lay ups.

  2. annoymous's Gravatar annoymous
    April 3, 2018 - 4:49 pm | Permalink

    Why would anyone want to Coach at D13 Cantwin. The Administration does not support The Athletic Teams . Cantwell plays in a Low D13 Division and The Other Sports are also in Low Divisions.

  3. SGV fan's Gravatar SGV fan
    April 3, 2018 - 4:00 pm | Permalink

    No Jude Oliva or Eric Elias talk, good job Tim ha jk I know people give you tons of crap but keep up the awesome work! Who are the rumored names on Cantwell? Let us have it! Ha

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