Fanview Lite: May 12, 2010

T-Minus-120 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

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From the Dark Side of the Moon: “Yes, yes, okay, there is a Mooney Curse in the second round”.

I knew it!

Oh, I’ve always been a Sam Bradford fan.

I’m so glad the law doesn’t work the same way the NCAA does. While current USC players have their careers on a chopping block because of what happened during the Reggie Bush days… I’m glad I don’t have any Federal Marshalls knocking on my door for something my dad did in 1995..or 1985…or 1975…

With Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, already on their schedule annually, isn’t Notre Dame already part of the Big Ten?

I’m curious, if the additions of ND, Nebraska, Rutgers and Missouri go through, what school would be added as the sixteenth to the conference… Wouldn’t Pitt be a natural?

Honestly, we knew about the Temple City hiring the day before. The announcement to the team caught us a little off guard when we heard it was pending Tuesday morning…but in the end, in regards to being first, a fuse has blown… I don’t care anymore.

The most important thing has happened; TC has a guy in place to be the next HC. Now we can talk football.

The Rams offensive line has been blown up, a new coaching staff is in the process of being put together, and some notable transfers are about to take place. BUT….

On the defensive side of the ball Carlos Mota and Tim Sanderson are returning. Calvin Copping should be the front runner to replace Justin Smith at quarterback and he’ll have targets in brother Corey Copping and Andrew Anda to go to. Alex Vigil and Nick Palmer will also be in the mix.

The key position of running back, the spot that has produced a thousand yard back the last twelve seasons, was initially to be filled by Josh Simangunsong, according to the previous regime. (Simangunsong is also a terrific corner) A name to look out for in the backfield this fall could be Carlos “Motor” Mota, who along with Simangunsong could be a fairly lethal thunder and lightening combo.

On the offensive front there is a beast returning in Joseph Aguillen, plus newcomers Michael Bassette and Bobby Soto…All three can seriously tip the field in Temple City’s favor.

Much of the Rams schedule is the same but with one exception…La Salle has been replaced with South El Monte…It will be the first meeting ever between the Southmen and the Rams. Arroyo, Alhambra, Arcadia, and Rosemead remain on the non-league calendar.

Everyone knows who TC has hired and looking at what he accomplished a year ago in the Pacific League the Rams do have the potential to be competitive…provided the veterans buy in, the support groups buy in, and those talking about transferring don’t follow through.

I didn’t see the game, but was it a bad game for Lebron James or a rollover?

He can survive a bad game, but a rollover? Well, yeah, the way the NBA works today, he’d probably survive that too.

Schurr’s Aaron Cantu has been invited to this weekend’s Stanford Nike Camp…

Whittier Christian’s Jeff Worthy now has offers on the table from both Arizona State and Minnesota. SMU and Nebraska have also extended offers to the Heralds DT.

It was great having El Monte’s Sandra Gutierrez and her HC Brian Tabatabai on the show last night. My beef with Tabatabai is he has Gutierrez on the roster for three seasons and she doesn’t attempt one three-pointer? What is up with that? Not even one desperation heave?

Not that big of deal, Gutierrez was hardly broken up about it.

Rosemead is going to miss Gil Jimenez…

Last night after the show the subject of Doug Williams came up. The second quarter of Super Bowl XXII is very much alive in my memory.

Every time I pick up a football I say: “Where’s Ricky Sanders?”

As great as Williams was in the game you still have to laugh at the question posed to him the week leading up to the game: “How long have you been a black quarterback?”

How long had he been a black quarterback?

That’s like asking San Marino’s Art Carrington how long he’s been a black Get-Back Coach…

The job as head basketball coach at El Monte is open…Those interested should contact the school.

Last Add Temple City Schedule: Did you know Temple City has only played El Monte once since beginning varsity play in 1955. They are playing South El Monte this year, but neither Gabrielino or Mountain View have ever been on the Rams schedule.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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