Fanview Lite: August 4, 2010

Bishop Amat QB Rio Ruiz

T-Minus-35 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

I like fun, and I want people to express themselves…so this is me…expressing MYSELF…to NewRam… I’m the first to celebrate an upset, love an upset, always a great story…but my brother there is NO WAY Temple City is beating Arroyo this year…

(Perchance it does happen; Beto’s Grill on me)

Glad that Azusa is winning…”AZUSA”—It’s a fun word to say, you should try it; “AZUSA!” It’s just like the Aztecs to have a starting quarterback this year, who led the team in tackles last year.

Even though Shaq isn’t much more than a space eater these days, it was still a good move by the Celtics… as long as they can keep him healthy and ready to go 15 minutes a game during the post-season

West El Monte Poly HC Skip Piccou is upset that no local coaches will return his calls about scheduling a game.

“Carlos Brown just transfered in, he’s going to be big time at quarterback for us,” said Piccou. “I’m starting to think people are afraid to see what we got down here on Flair Drive. Which I understand, you don’t get any points for beating West El Monte Poly, and you end up on the front page of the Tribune if you lose to them.”

When reminded he was speaking to The Mid, Piccou grunted and said he meant us.


Did any news come down on former Cal tailback Terris Jones? I’m sure something has and I missed it, dude needs to be playing on Saturdays.

Can somebody get Ed Roski a football team and please vote ouy the politicians standing in his way? I need a team in Los Angeles.

Part of the discussion last night with Rio Ruiz and family off camera centered around the efficency of the Bishop Amat program. Essentially they said HC Steve Hagerty has a five hour practice condensed down to two.

Ruiz is quality enough to make you want to root for the Lancers. Then again, I’d be amiable too if I spent part of my summer at Yankee Stadium and was going to spend my fall throwing to Wallace Gonzalez.

When we booked former Burroughs WR/DB Kohl Adams-Hurd some on staff were concerned we wouldn’t have anything fresh to talk about until he strapped it up for Humboldt State.

When car issues forced him to postpone last night’s appearance we realized it didn’t matter. Based on the messages received a lot people were disappointed. They just wanted to hear what Kohl had to say. Yes, he has a big personality.

See it all worked out for the Dodgers in the end. Ted Lily comes back and pitches a gem for the organization that dealt him in 1998 for Carlos Perez. L.A. fans got to witness the delicate stylings and dealings of Perez for three seasons and now they get the other southpaw, Lily, back in the fold.

It all worked out. Great. It just took twelve years.

Does it say something about my age when I can say I saw Emmitt Smith, Rickey Jackson, Jerry Rice, Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little, John Randle, and Russ Grimm (this year’s NFL Hall of Fam inductees) all play in the NFL with my own eyes?

Why are we high on La Canada? Simple, Dan Yoder. When you make the call he made in Week Ten-Plus against Temple City, that puts you in the high country. He’s won at the lower levels and is gaining momentum.

Is LC going to beat M-Town? No. Are the Spartans Final Four material? I’m not buying. Can they take second in the Rio Hondo and advance to the second round? Sold.

“Football Rush Week” is coming…August 23-27.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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