Fanview Lite: August 7, 2010

The Smudge Pot goes back up for grabs in 26 days...

T-Minus-33 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Morning!

I’m with Faith Hill…I’ve been waiting eight months for Sunday night!

…And its only 26-days until the Smudge Pot…that game, in the words of Kramer, is a carnival for the eyes…

Now is it safe to say the Dodgers are Dunn in the N.L. West…?

Before Landestoy Luke went AWOL this week (I’m gonna ask waivers on him and if no one bites I will give him his unconditional release)…I was going to ask if a minor league baseball team would do well locally… There are some huge chunks of land that have been sitting empty since the last millennium…If a park could be built and a team purchased…would it do well?

Don’t take this as a slam against Chad Jeffries at Glendora…but do you really need a great throwing quarterback to win a prep football title? I can’t speak for divisions I haven’t seen but do you need one in the Mid-Valley or Southeast Division?

Charter Oak hardly ran a spread offense in 2009 with Travis Santiago, and in 2008 Chris Allen put up some great numbers (according the MaxPreps): 23 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, and 2008-yards passing to go with 874-yards (8 Tds) rushing. Rightfully so, he won every award this side of an Oscar…but would would you call the ’08 Chargers a passing team or a team that could pass?

Allen never threw more than 19-passes in any one game…

Back to the argument, do you need a pure thrower in the Southeast or Mid-Valley Divisions to win a title? Or just a good quarterback who can make a play, manage the offense, and lead?

There’s another great question; how many times are coaches (and fans, and sportswriters) more enamored with arm strength than with leadership strength?

San Gabriel HC Jude Oliva: “I think sometimes coaches fall in love with arm strength too much.

Leadership is sometimes overlooked because a kid can throw a nice ball, truth is the best quarterbacks have intangibles that can’t be taught. Leadership, accountability and work ethic.

A great quarterback will put in extra work on the field and in the film room. He will take responsibility for not getting it done and will do everything in his power to not lose or fail again. He will outwork his opponents no matter what it takes. He will keep himself and his teammates in line and working hard.”

Rosemead Rebels Admin/HC/Guy Paul Barraza: “Oh quite a bit, sometimes a quarterback can throw the ball 60-yards, but into double coverage. Seems like nowadays they are more interested in getting on you tube. Thats why I’m so high on Vince Hernandez (South Hills), he was a leader from when we had him at nine years old.”

Los Altos HC Jim Arellanes: “I think it happens a lot, too many coaches put too much into arm strength. Having played the position and been coached by some great quarterback coaches, I understand the importance of leadership over arm strength.

I would actually put arm strength kind of down the list; 1 – Leadership, 2 – Intelligence, 3 – Toughness (Physical & mental), & then arm strength.”

Last Add Barraza: “One time I asked my 10 year-old quarterback; do you know why I want you to throw from low receiver to high receiver, and his answer was… ‘For my stats?’”

Best quarterback returning in the Mission Valley is Arroyo’s Steven Rivera, but who is the best running back? Matt Fregoso (Rosemead) or Mike Vasquez (Arroyo)?

Monrovia is the best team returning in the Rio Hondo, but who is bringing back the best running back? Blair, San Marino, M-Town, Temple City, South Pasadena? Or is it LC’s Daleep Sandhu?

I was asked why I’ve put such an emphasis on the Jack Del Rio League in my columns of late…Honestly its because its one of the three leagues we know the least about…We know the DRL better than the Olympic and far better than the Suburban but it takes a lot of work…We just don’t have the history we do with other leagues and teams…And we’ve been given a lot of good stuff. Stuff I have no intention sitting on all summer and only barfing out in a preview.

If not in a hospital room, I’m usually, usually pumping this column out every other day…so there is plenty of opportunity to talk about the 66-plus schools we connect with…

…And yes, I’ll even talk about West El Monte Poly.

Funny with the rising Wilson hype, Baldwin Park has sort of faded from thought, that might be what Braves HC James Heggins wants…but it would be a mistake to ignore BP.

I would love to create a system that would track daily all texts, messages, conversations, and thoughts about local football teams…Break them down by division…And have it go something like this: “In the Southeast today…La Mirada opened trading with a 20 share but when concerns rose about the status of their secondary they fell to 18.9…this caused a surge in Norwalk stock which began at 15 and went as high as 18.5 before closing at 17.75…The real surprise came from Pasadena where Muir, thanks to heavy blogging by local football investors, climbed six points from 11 to 17… This pushed Muir stock past a consistently stable West Covina which finished at 16.3 after beginning the day at 16.1.”

Yeah that could be fun…

Have I mentioned lately that I’m pro-Arthur Brown of San Gabriel? Hey Jude: 25 carries per game!

One year ago today I was in Boston…eating lobster, standing outside of Fenway Park, and spending $32.00 for parking…(They saw the California license plate)… One year later I’m taking my daughter to driving class, drinking tea, and getting the old…. “Since you’re home can you……?” Man, I HATE staycation…

Still its Hall of Fame induction Saturday, and tomorrow kicks off the season…life could be worse…I could be living in Bakersfield…

“Football Rush Week” is coming…August 23-27.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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