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I'm exhausted, I just can't keep up with Robledo...

T-Minus-15 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Afternoon!

Smudge Pot #12: September 23, 1983 at Mt. Sac

San Dimas 20 Bonita 14

After building a 12-6 halftime lead, the Saints put the game away when Eli Mack scored on a two-yard run with five seconds remaining in the third quarter. The touchdown was set up by a 71-yard screen pass to Mack from quarterback Dennis Watson. The score went to 20-6 when Watson added the deuce with a pass to Paul Miller.

With four minutes left in the game, the Bearcats close the gap to one score when Charlie Burton goes 68-yards to Dominic Mistone. Burton, 9 of 28 for 138-yards, adds the two-pointer to finish the scoring.

San Dimas scored on its first possession of the game, driving 74-yards and capping it with Shaun Clark’s two-yard run. Watson later scored on a one-yard run.

Bonita’s first half points came Ron McDurkin toe as he connected on field goals of 26 and 39-yards.

Smudge Pot #13: September 21, 1984

San Dimas 46 Bonita 0

The Saints Jesse Canada (yeah, we’ve heard that name before) carries the ball 15 times for 192-yards and three touchdown runs of 60, 45, and 21 yards.

Even better was the SD defense which held the Bearcats without a first down and minus-7-yards of total offense.

Dennis Watson added touchdown passes to Shaun Clark and Mike Stanley. In the game’s last seconds Dushan Franklin picked off Bonita quarterback Wayne Keller and returned it 23-yards to paydirt.


Why are people still talking about Maurice Clarett?

Not for a second, am I the first guy to meet Hoover HC Chris Long and come away a fan. I can’t be. Great guy.

I had a feeling…(But what do feelings mean?)…something was up with Taj Teague. The move hurts Anthony Rice’s program at Pomona for the temporary but in the long run the Red Devils will be fine.

Rice clearly told Andy Villanueva (yeah, he’s Villanueva when he does grunt work) that Pomona would not block Teague’s move to Claremont.

Great night with the Cal Condor staff…HC Jim Arnold was clear about not coming down off the cherry picker this season. Perhaps it’s because they are further down the 605, but this staff which includes O-Line coach Mando Padilla and DC Manuel Viera doesn’t get enough credit for two trips to the semifinals over the last three years.

“Hope you fellas are keeping up with us, and I’ll be sure to mail a free copy of our Trib Xtra magazine to the Mid … :)”— Fred Robledo, SGV Tribune.

I love Fred and his fellas, they keep driving up our hit counts by writing about us and now I get a free magazine…Fred, you are my ambassador of quan!

Take Note: I did say early on, that prep preview magazine would look pretty good. I still believe that.

So after the cloak and dagger it’s going to be Kodee (Codee) Watts at quarterback for San Dimas. This should be really interesting. You haven’t seen many SD quarterbacks cresting the six-foot mark of late.

Schurr’s Abraham Gonzalez can talk…I got the feeling after last night the dude wanted to take over the show.

I’m just happy we got Chris Chiaromonte on the air.

Last Add Schurr: Aaron Cantu has stretched.

I’m with the NFL owners, I’m for an 18-game schedule too.

Note to Fantasy Players: (Especially those in the Mid Valley League)—I believe there is going to be an early run on punters…make sure you get yours…but you didn’t hear this from me.

“Football Rush Week” continues tonight with West Covina HC Mike Maggiore, Rowland HC Craig Snyder, and Covina HC Darryl Thomas

Stay thirsty my friends…


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