On The Couch: June 13, 2009

Breaking news? Not breaking news?  More on that later.
I have had a hard night.  No, not drinking or partying.

Yesterday afternoon, more than one reliable source gave me information about a potential blockbuster trade after Game Seven of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

So off to internet to see how off base the rumor is.  It wasn’t off base, in fact it was dead on.  Only to have both sides deny the darn thing.

Phone calls were made to people inside the teams and they were tight-lipped.

Called Joe Torosian to see about running it and get the use your judgment.  That could prove wrong.  No comments from the Peanut Gallery.

So I decided to throw the potential trade out on this kind of daily column.  Here goes.

The Los Angeles Kings would trade second-year defense man Jack Johnson and the fifth pick overall to Anaheim for aging defense man Chris Pronger.

Here is why this makes no sense.

Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi has preached a youth movement at Staples Center for the last three years.  Getting rid of Johnson and the fifth pick is completely against his philosophy.

Now throw in adding a long-in-the-tooth Pronger with a huge contract that will hurt the Kings salary cap and it we have strike two on the trade.

But, after talking to sources, it only makes sense if Johnson is asking for too much money and Lombardi is stuck with the same situation that has faced him the previous two off-seasons with Mike Cammaleri (traded in last years draft) and Patrick O’Sullivan (traded at the deadline).  Lombardi would be able to get a All-Star defense man to help the development of rookie Drew Doughty.

The Ducks with the fifth pick, wouldn’t be able to get a goaltender.  Something they so desperately need as Jean Sebastian Giguere is past his prime and Jonas Hiller was suspect.  Why not get one of the Kings “prized” netminders that are getting sharp in the minors?

One last observation.  The fifth pick is critical for the Kings as they need to add a front-line goal scorer.  Trading it defeats the purpose.  Also, going after a goal scorer in free-agency won’t be done due to Pronger’s contract.

Oh by the way, the Pittsburgh Penguins survived a flurry of last minute chances to take Lord Stanley’s Cup away from the Detroit Redwings.
More on that tomorrow.    Have a great day.

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