Four Throw at Arroyo

Alhambra QB Josh Mendoza enters his second year as starter

(El Monte) – What do you lean from a four way toss in June? Well I learned a few important things late Thursday afternoon at Arroyo watching the Knights, Alhambra, Diamond Bar and Azusa. 

Diamond Bar quarterback Henry Omana

I learned that Alhambra is planning on opening up the offense a little more. Now that Josh Mendoza is entering his second full year at starter the Moor coaching staff suggested that they are ready to let him air it out.

Alhambra and Diamond Bar compete

I learned that Diamond Bar’s  Henry Omana definitely passes the eye test. He’s a big kid with a gun for an arm and seems poised to lead the Brahmas to a special season. 

I learned that Jake Martinez is Azusa’s starting quarterback but as ususal he won’t be the only one back there. “You know me. I play a lot of guys,” said Azusa Coach Joe Scherf.

Getting a little physical in passing league

I learned that sometimes (all the time?) passing leagues get physical. There were several big hits in the Diamond Bar- Arroyo toss – several which looked like outright tackles. Note to Steven Rivera: We like the defense (another pick) but it would behoove you and the entire Arroyo Knight program to avoid a shoulder injury in the middle of June.

I learned that former Alhambra standout wide receiver Mitchell Crockom has a nephew, cousin (or some kind of relative) on this year’s roster. His name is Frank Essien and he’s big tall and athletic and plays receiver. He made a nice catch of a Mendoza pass. 

“Yes he definitely has the size and look of a receiver,” said Moor DC Jacob Ochoa. “We like his potential.”

“I think the defense is ahead of the offense right now. But it’s hard to tell out here because we’re just back pedaling. Our defense is all about rushing in and applying pressure,” Ochoa added.   

River and Frederico play some defense

I learned that Brandon Jauregui still isn’t playing. Oh he’s fine and everything it’s just that he digs baseball. “He’s in Arizona playing baseball. He won’t be here for the Bonita tournament either,” said Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser. 

Most talented high school athletes are two or three sport guys anyway so if Jauregui is that good to play in this many baseball tournaments he should be well worth the wait in football.    

Oh and most importantly I learned that Arroyo OC Chris MacMillan almost didn’t make it back from Vegas. “I had the AC running in the Van the whole time and I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that,” MacMillan said. “I got home about 2:30 but there was a time when I thought the Van was going to break down.”

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