Fanview Lite: July 1, 2009

Temple City DC Jerry Chou

Temple City DC Jerry Chou

By Joe Torosian

Good Morning!

T-minus-1 until Manny Ramirez returns to Dodgers lineup

Instead of another arm, is it possible the Dodgers may need another bat? Is it possible they need Manny Ramirez?

I wish Manny Acosta would have been a little more excited about signing with Cal State L.A….Actually I never heard the dude talk so much…

Didn’t we talk about the Nuggets J.R. Smith having a two-cent brain during the playoffs? Now the two-cent brain is spending the next 90 days in jail for causing an auto accident that killed his friend in 2007…I’m sure he was probably thinking about his next tattoo.

Carlos Boozer’s staying with the Utah Jazz instead of opting out may speak more about the condition of the economy than his desire to stay in Salt Lake…

Is there anybody out there wanting to sign Rasheed Wallace?

If you missed last night’s show you missed a good one…be sure to check out our segments with Jerry Urias.

Urias came in with Lee Aguirre, another good interview, but also with Joe Rodriguez, Andrew Avila, and Gus Mendoza…all stars on South’s 2005 semifinal team… Long time Mid Valley fans will remember Avila as the tight end whose job I kept trying to give away to Mando Villa back in the day…and then apologized by mistakingly calling him Adrian Avila in print.

With little fanfare Harold Sanin has replaced Vince Lopez has HC at Gabrielino…Lopez, the only football coach in Eagles history won the Mission Valley League in 2000, is the school’s new vice principal…

How many of you are aware that new Temple City defensive coordinator Jerry Chou went 35-4 in his last three years as HC at Eagle Rock…and he won two city titles…

Didn’t most of us think Randy Johnson was just hanging on to get his 300th win? Now the stiff (I’ve never been a fan) is on track for double digit wins for a Giants team still very much alive in the N.L. West…

“Football Rush Week” is coming…

Why does anyone listen to Jim Brown anymore?

Better question why would any NBA team want to hire Doug Collins as coach?

The Arcadia-Monrovia clash on September 4th, needs a name…What should we call it? “The Battle for Restaurant Row”

Overlooked: M-Town linebacker Josh Lowden, who is heading into his fourth year with the Wildcat varsity.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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Joe Rodriguez, Jerry Urias, Lee Aguirre

Joe Rodriguez, Jerry Urias, Lee Aguirre

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