The Peterson Principle 9/10/12

Tim Peterson, Arroyo, circa 1979

El Monte isn’t going to have a hard time scoring against anybody. You get the feeling that Brandon Martinez is going to get the ball in the endzone, throwing or passing or any other way every time he touches the ball.

I don’t remember in recent years a quarterback being that fast. When Martinez accelerates he’s impossible to catch.

And there are El Monte’s other weapons. Abel Barajas is a nice target to throw to. He made a catch Thursday night against Covina that would have made Lynn Swann proud. Of all the receivers why do I mention Swann? I saw him on TV at the USC game yesterday. Was there ever receiver that was more graceful?

Anyway there’s Barajas and on the other side is Adolfo Sanchez who makes plays as well. Even running back Bryan Luevano, when he’s not grinding out some tough yards, can come out of the backfield to catch passes. Yes, El Monte can score, there’s no doubt. The defense however has some work to do.

They made the plays when they had to as Coach Joel Sanchez said after the win over Covina. And they should make the plays when they have to in league play. But when its playoff time, it’s tough to give up that many points and still win. The good thing is the Lions still have eight weeks to work it out.

Speaking of defense, I don’t imagine Arroyo HC Jim Singiser is too happy with his right now.

The Knights allowed close to 250 yards on the ground to La Puente Friday night including 159 to Ruben Elias. How do you explain La Puente’s turnaround from a 25 point loss to Covina to a 15 point win over Arroyo in consecutive weeks?

“Preparation. It starts with practice and our practice was a heck of a lot better this week. And our kids just played harder this week,” said La Puente Coach Brandon Roher.

Nobody is talking about 3-0 Gabrielino right now. But when the opponents are Sherman Oaks, Bosco Tech and Keppel that’s to be expected. Hey, the Eagles have won them all. That’s all that counts. I just want to see how it plays out once league begins. This week’s opponent? Contreras.

If anybody was wondering why Mason Bryant is getting all those offers he showed why in Monrovia’s win over Arcadia. He did it offensively (111 receiving yards), defensively (pick six) and on special teams as the kicker (36 yard field goal) to lead the Wildcats. Bryant’s versatility makes him all that much more attractive to college recruiters.

La Mirada’s ten point loss to Bishop Amat could almost be considered a win. Don’t try to tell Coach Mike Moschetti that but when your tied with a team like Amat in the fourth quarter that’s saying something. Amat beat Servite in the season opener. The Matadores get another test with St. Francis this week before opening Suburban League play at home against Norwalk on September 21.

No, I don’t think Temple City should scrap its offense and start from scratch three games into the season like Mid Valley Staffer Alex “Gonzo” Gonzalez says. The Rams, who have been shut out three straight weeks, will get it together eventually. To start something brand new now after the players have been practicing on this since April makes no sense. Mike McFarland knows what he’s doing. I’ve seen him work his magic before. It doesn’t get any easier this week against Hoover, which is coming off a 33-28 win over South Pasadena.

Whatever happened to former Temple City HC Anthony White? Oh that’s right he’s now the the head coach at Buena Park, where the Coyotes are 3-0 and have racked up 160 points in three games.

Running back Deven Boston is putting up video game type numbers. He has 824 yards and 14 touchdowns on 58 carries, an average of 14.21 yards per carry.

“He’s the best I’ve ever seen after contact” White said.

Coach White seems to be doing quite well thank you.

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