The Peterson Principle 1/28/13

Tim Peterson

I found myself rooting for the Boston Celtics Sunday. It felt kind of strange but I believe I’ve hit LeBron overload. He got his championship last year and now everybody proclaims him to be the best basketball player on the planet…ever.

When he hit the three pointer in regulation it killed me but when he missed the jumper at the end of the second overtime , it was oh so sweet. When the opponent is the Miami Heat go Celtics!

The Celtics will need much more than a missed Lebron James jumper though going forward to make the playoffs. They found out Sunday that Rajon Rondo will be out for the year with a torn ACL.

Doesn’t Mike D’Antoni always look like he has a stupid smirk on his face. I don’t know if it’s a sarcastic smirk, an I don’t know what I’m doing smirk or a we’ll make the playoffs smirk but it’s just a smirk. I don’t care that the Lakers beat Utah and Oklahoma City, I wish the Lakers would wipe that smirk off his face and fire him. He’s not the right coach for this team-just like he wasn’t the right coach for the Suns or the Knicks. If the Lakers win it will be in spite of him. It will be because Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard played together, Steve Nash scored more and Pau Gasol toughened up. It won’t be because of D’Antoni.

Bring back Bernie Bickerstaff for the rest of the year, see how it goes and then evaluate it in the off season. Somewhere Mike Brown is doubling over in laughter.

Clipper faithful don’t look now but your boys have lost four straight heading into Sunday night’s game against Portland.


I got a chance to check out the 20-1 Workman Lobos Friday night. Although they didn’t look smooth they did mange to escape with a six point win over Duarte with a fourth quarter rally.

“Sometimes you have to win ugly,” said Workman Coach Martin Flores.

Former Lobo star Cezar Guerrero is a sophomore guard at Fresno State after transferring from Oklahoma State.

“Yeah he still calls and e mails us all the time,” Flores said. “He still appreciates us and it’s great to hear from him.”

Workman (9-0 in the Montview) isn’t the only undefeated league team in the area. Arroyo, Temple City, and Keppel, all 6-0, are running the Mission Valley, Rio Hondo and Almont league tables respectively and Covina (8-0) is undefeated in the Valle Vista.


It appears there is some actual effort being put forth in the Pro Bowl this year. Peyton Manning’s impassioned plea must have gotten through. Although a 62-35 score in the fourth quarter might suggest otherwise. I still don’t see the reason for playing the game the week before the Super Bowl though. How many players that are on the Super Bowl teams are Pro Bowl players? Doesn’t it take some of the luster off of an All-Star game?


49ers or Ravens? Who do you like? I’m in the process of polling the coaches and getting some interesting answers. One coach likes a “good game” and another likes “Harbaugh.” Still another said Monrovia. Look for the entire poll that will be posted this week.

As for me? I like the Ray Lewises.


Still waiting for Gladstone, San Gabriel and Pasadena to make head coaching announcements. While it might seem that they are dragging their feet remember it is still January. We’ve seen coaches named in May in previous years. Although with football being year round now every day that passes seems like another day of preparation wasted. Everything is bumped up now. The Hall of Fame Game is May 17.


Bonita senior kicker Brandt Davis has been named First Team All State by Max Preps, along with Downey Sophomore running back Justin Huff. Hey you mean a couple of our picks were actually correct?

That’s my principle.

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