Fanview Lite: January 28, 2013

Brandon Martinez

Kick it!

Still no positive comments about JV football in February, but it continues to lead in our poll. Really interesting.

If Tim Peterson has contacted you for a Super Bowl prediction, get back to him pronto.

Wecome back my friends to the show that never ends…I can’t remember an off season like El Monte Brandon Martinez has had. I keep waiting for people to start saying we’re just making this stuff up…we’re not. Martinez brought all this about when he had a season for the ages in 2012.

Over the weekend Martinez was named first team All-State (EM receiver Abel Barajas was named second team All-State)…but he has also become the subject of pending news feature by Telemundo.

The piece, expected to air this week, interviews Martinez, teammates, his family, coaches. Be sure to check it out, when we get an air time we’ll let you know.

Keep the family of Northview HC Marcel Perez in your thoughts and prayers…When we get permission to share more we will.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Hines Ward will appear in an upcoming episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” as a flesh eating zombie…I can see the spin now, they’re going to say it was because of concussions.

I’m being asked to play fantasy baseball…Should I?

Instead of Ray Lewis swaggering off into retirement with another Super Bowl ring, wouldn’t the better Hollywood ending for the NFL championship be Alex Smith coming off the bench to replace an injured Colin Kaepernick to lead the 49ers to the title?

Speaking of the Dodgers is Carl Crawford actually going to play in 2013?

Ready for a guarded projection? Burbank in the Pacific in 2013. They return a quarterback, junior-to-be Ryan Meredith, who can go down field. They return a running back, junior-to-be James Williams, who can disappear down field in a heartbeat. They also return to some defensive players in Andy Park, Gary Clements, and Kalani Williams who can make life miserable for offenses.

Really? Someone actually had something bad to say about Downey quarterback Jorge Reyna’s highlight film?

I guess, I mean there are people in M-Town who complain about Ryan Maddox.

Note to Fans: We are more than happy to post highlights films of players in the three divisions we cover…The only thing we won’t post are highlight films laced with profanity.

The Dude abides…


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