The TEN: 3/14/2014



(“The Ten” is not a top ten, but ten items worth being included in The TEN)

1.) Montebello Oilers trenchman Isaiah Clay turns 18 today.

2.) “‘4TH-AND-ALWAYS: Inside The Mind Of “The Coach Who Never Punts’”—Read article at

3.) San Gabriel Alum/former San Gabriel, Temple City, ELAC, Dakota Wesleyan assistant Zeke Prado is now the tight ends coach at the South Dakota School of Mines (Division 2).

4.) On this date in 1967 the AFL and the NFL held the first common draft. The two leagues merged in 1970. The first player chosen was Bubba Smith, a defensive lineman from Michigan State.

5.) “Is it just me or is anyone else tired of hearing from Kobe and Magic all the time?”—MVS commentor “Bobby Knight”

6.) Phil Jackson

7.) “Observancat you realize Pomona got moved out of the VVL right?”—MVS commentor “As”

8.) On this date in 1980 a Polish Airlines Flight crashes while attempting to land in Warsaw, Poland. All 87 on board are killed, including 22 members of the United States boxing team. Of the 22, 14 were teen boxers making their first trip outside of the U.S.

9.) “@Joe T., this is one your best Fanviews:”—MVS commentor “My Two Cents”

10.) Chuck Piper, Bill Davis, Bob Hitchcock, Don Swanson, Jim Walker, Gabe Soumakian, Mike DiFiori, Mike Mooney, Randy Backus, Anthony White, and Mike McFarland.

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