Mid Valley Draft: Quarterbacks

Is Valley Christian QB Kevin Running the sleeper pick of the Mid Valley Draft?

Draft Day: Tuesday, February 9th 2010

The Mid Valley Draft is an exercise where staff/readers adopt NFL teams and then proceed to meet their personnel needs by drafting local players out of the Mid-Valley & Southeast divisions.

Over the course of the next few weeks Mid Valley Sports will analyze positions and players to see who fits best where, who has first round potential, and who may have value in the later rounds.

At the bottom of this page is a listing of those who have already adopted a team. If you would like to pick one of the remaining NFL teams and be part of this process add it to the comment box below. Be sure to have correct/legit contact information because you will be sending us your picks on the night of the draft.

The Quarterbacks

NFL teams in Quarterback Market: Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacob Shirley (South Hills): Rated to have the strongest arm in the draft and an overload of talent. Strikes against him are he hasn’t started a full season in two years. Definite first rounder, but is he ready ala Mark Sanchez/Matthew Stafford to step in and start right away?

Aaron Cantu (Schurr): An underclassmen with all of the tools who did an excellent job his first year as a starter for the Spartans. He also had Carlos Arredondo to throw the ball to. Does he need another year or do you roll the dice and spend a high first round pick on him?

Gus Viramontes (Diamond Ranch): A quarterback who can change a game with his legs. Viramontes owns a strong arm, a competitive nature, and has back to back finals appearances to his credit. But he can have accuracy issues at times, and the competitive nature can boil over on the sidelines.

Rocky Moore (La Canada): Mobility might be an issue here, quarterbacking talent is not. Ability to lead is not. Might be the best pure passer in the draft. Starting material, but is going to need some talent around him.

Adam Colman (Burbank): Another underclassmen, that could easily be the number one overall pick in next year’s draft. He’s got size, arm, and the ability to make plays. Might be better to let him play his senior year, than draft him too early.

Kevin Running (Valley Christian): When you’re 6’5” and strong they always expect more. Definitely the sleeper of the first round. Great numbers. Played well in big games, great accuracy, did not throw a pick in league play. Hidden in the Olympic, could turn someone’s ordinary draft class into an extra-ordinary draft class.

Isaac Valdez (San Gabriel): Add five inches to Valdez and he’s the first quarterback taken. But because he doesn’t have the five inches he’s viewed as a system quarterback kind of like something you would see recently out of Texas Tech or Missouri. Everything is there, except size. Remember Drew Brees is considered undersized at six feet.

Quarterbacks who should go in later rounds: Paul Flores (Gladstone), Justin Smith (Temple City), Manny Salcedo (Baldwin Park), Alex Flores (Santa Fe), Garrett Pendleton (Bonita), Justin Zamano (Los Altos), Kyle Cota (Crescenta Valley), Steven Rivera (Arroyo), Darrian Cazarin (Alhambra), and Connor Bednarski (South Pasadena).

Quarterbacks Looking at Position Change: Nick Bueno (Monrovia), Jarron Williams (Muir), Aaron Simpson (Pasadena), Lucas Yanez (Burroughs), A.J. Pule (Hoover).

Final Note: Of course we understand this all requires suspension of disbelief, but we also feel it will give us great insight to what fandom thinks about these players. And it is always fun to talk about excellent players.

Final Note Part Two: We will judge each team’s draft and see if the picks were made according to need or emotional—because you really liked a certain player—and determine a winner.

Final Note Part Three: Draft underclassmen at your own risk…we will be hard when it comes to evaluating them

So far we have;

Joe Torosian: St. Louis Rams

Martin “Knight” Lopez: Green Bay Packers

Blue State: Cleveland Browns

Arroyo Knight: New Orleans Saints

Bonita Alum: San Diego Chargers

Andy Villanueva: Cincinnati Bengals

Josh O: Tennessee Titans

Tim Peterson: Washington Redskins

Corn Dawg: Atlanta Falcons

Duane Barker: Detroit Lions

Juan Carlos: San Francisco 49ers

MannsJeff: Arizona Cardinals

MVL Guru: Dallas Cowboys

Zeke Prado: New York Jets

Bobby Madrid: Seattle Seahawks

CatsFan: Minnesota Vikings

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