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    Source just saw Cineceros at a softball game says he told him first hand he’s taking the El Monte job.

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    Mountain View runs a shotgun single wing offense that is much different than anything I’ve seen before. Effective but it lacks the counters and traps. But it’s better to pass out of than traditional wing so there’s the trade off I guess. Only problem is vikings throw 2 passes a game.
    South El Monte is wing t I guess… but I saw more 4 receiver sets and trip sets this past season probably because of the back they have. When you have a dominant back you want the rock in his hands more than not. I would guess they’ll probably be less wing t more I formations or single back formations to get this Tovar kid space.
    So back to the point, Ciniceros offense would absolutely be a beast to stop. The amount of grit it would take to line up and try and his wing offense is probably lacking in this league. Most teams are spread finesse offense Arroyo Gabrielino Rosemead. Plus the defensive coordinators in the MVL aren’t great. The last great one just stepped down in Paramo. Singiser is ok. Forces the offense to drive the length of the field every time. Rarely gets beat by the big play. Gallardo is good against the run but is very shaky vs the pass at best. Heard early rumors of SEM bringing in a defensive coordinator but haven’t heard anything lately. Others are unknown . EM should make this hire

  3. Aram Tolegian Rocks's Gravatar Aram Tolegian Rocks
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    It’s a little different when your whole league schedule is filled with them

  4. Aram Tolegian Rocks's Gravatar Aram Tolegian Rocks
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    Screen Shots don’t matter. You need a strong admin to make a case to CIF and even then you probably aren’t going to stop the transfers.

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    Ceniceros competed against Double Wing/ Wing T Offense before and been successful. (Cerritos, Dominguez, West Covina)

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    Oh and as for Arroyo stealing two EM kids, make sure your coaches weren’t dumb enough to text the kids because there are screen shots floating around lol.

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    Jim Singiser will block the move somehow

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    It will be interesting to see how successful his offense will be in a league where 3 other teams run Wing Style offenses. One advantage is that teams struggle practicing against the Double Wing, but this won’t be the case in the MVL.

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    MVL teams better hope Cineceros doesn’t get the EM job!!!! He’ll win league 3 times in 5 years!

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    Gabrielino, mountain View, Rosemead and Marshall 4 league wins

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    Crazy thing is I hear a lot of coaches from EMs athletic programs are or have decided to leave. Girls Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls basketball I have heard those coaches have or are planning on resigning from their coaching duties. Lack of Admin support has driven these coaches to walk away from the school plain and simple

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    EMFan 4 league games? I know its legal to smoke that stuff, but yours has got to be illegal.

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    I looked up the Coach em is interested in if he comes with that offense it could work because the kids are tough and are hungry after all this. They are young and want to win got some big boys coming back speed could be questionable but they’ll get 4 league wins at the least

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    Jude to EM???????????? HA- HA.

  15. Aram Tolegian Rocks's Gravatar Aram Tolegian Rocks
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  16. Trujillo's Gravatar Trujillo
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    Blame Mclarty the terrible Ad and Principal. They had Josh Knight ready to rock but their lack of football support and drama scared him away. Jude Oliva interviewed again yesterday. If he takes the job hopefully things can get better and settle down. Not having a coach since Mac got fired in December does not help the cause. All the people on here have different comments but it’s entirely up to the principal to make a change for these kids. Two players already left for Arroyo and South El Monte. My son wants to leave but I want him to ride it out. Lion pride!!!!!

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    regarding Joel Sanchez, I remember my kid playing opposite of EM , and telling me he would be near their sidelines and get trash talked by Joel and assistants, and I do to mean you suck , I mean get cursed with the worse words you can think of

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    Joel Sanchez , you need not to be part of the dumb click running coaches out, Joel Sanchez, If they hire a new HC , stay out of his way, you were not a real coach, All you ever did was 1 good season with a kid who made miracles with arm and legs a few years ago , not because you planned the play to happen, he made things happen on the filed,.

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    This was a quote from the Trib. I personally have no clue what’s happening at EM,just happy the Mead hired a young up and coming coach. If they offered a big time coach good for them.

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    No one is going to take that job as long as Sanchez is still around. That guy is a cancer to the program and is the reason the team is in this situation. If he cared so much about the program he wouldn’t put these kids through a tough time. Oh wait all this favorite seniors are leaving. And wait weren’t those the same ones that sided with their former head coach who only cared about certain players than to side with a coach and staff that busted their asses off for these kids and had college coaches looking at them and helping them get somewhere in life. Shame on the admin for keeping a selfish low life coach there. GET OVER IT! You stepped down move on Sanchez. Pathetic.

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    @AT rocks
    Do you think if EM flies this position with a teaching job attached does that make the difference, or is it such a toxic place that no one wants it regardless of teaching position?

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    You’re lost sir… you’ll see

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    “What you have in the end is frustration on both sides because of a domino effect that is starting to prove damaging for both sides. El Monte currently has three former varsity football head coaches on campus holding staff positions, but its football program is coach-less.

    ‘”It’s the worst situation,” said a local athletic director, who did not want to be identified “The inability to be able to hire somebody in that spot is a killer when you have a guy on staff that could coach there, but he’s just choosing not to. What it forces you to do is take walk-ons.'”

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    Hungry kids and a hungry coach make a great combination. Just saying

  25. Patience's Gravatar Patience
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    Be patient! Great things appear when you least expect it. A power house program will be made in the near future.

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    That J.Knight back out really set the program back. There’s so much more wrong within the program for sure but that was a big blow. I don’t know if he was a good hire bad or indifferent but when you peg your guy and the time and focus is on one person, that person accepts then bails truly set the football program back. Administrators ineptitude is the main reason for this for all we know administration ineptitude was the reason for the back out

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    The principal should be ashamed. It’s May and still hasn’t been able to hire anyone for these boys. I can’t believe how much she doesn’t care. When will the district make some changes coaches are leaving every year. Accountability has never been the districts strong point.

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    El Monte also has ads in the Pennysaver, Craigs List and the laundromat on Durfee.

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    Rosemead already filled their position, while SG’s has been open longer, but still remains vacant.

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    What is wrong is lack of administrative support, an AD that is a glorified secretary, and as of late parents that are empowered by the weak administration. At this point in time you would have to be crazy or desperate take EM

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    Gotta be the biggest black eye in the EMUHSD this is just stupid. Something is wrong… why aren’t coaches interested? EM is the second best job in the MVL if they can get it right.

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    I heard Joe was interested.

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    I think sg has a coach from my source which is a student at SG, have u looked into it? , I say this since a lot of your audience is sg fans or atleast almont fans just look at all the threads when u bring up BG rebuilding , or schurr vs montebello , or SG and Jude .not saying other schools don’t have an audience I’m just expressing my bias as a means of encouragement to dig deep in sg coaching situation, keep up the good work with the NFL news and coaching research

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    Who hires a coach first San Gabriel or El Monte

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