Fanview Lite: May 24, 2010

Hoover HC Chris Long and his Arcadia counterpart Jon Dimalante

T-Minus-108 Days until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Good Evening!

“We’re feeling pretty good,” says Wilson HC Brian Zavala. “We’ve hit the weight room hard this off season, the kids are buying in, the boosters are in, what a difference a year makes.”

Zavala will be a guest on Tuesday night’s “The Mid Valley Sports Show” (7-9PM, along with Montebello assistant Michael McKay and Baldwin Park HC James Heggins.

“We’re looking forward to competing and starting something here,” said Zavala. “Moises Vega looks great”

Okay so Zavala is feeling good. Now he needs to bring in some new gear Tuesday night and he’ll acquire some key Mid Valley karma. With only two guaranteed playoffs spots in  each of the Mid-Valley Division leagues…Mid Valley karma is going to be at a premium in 2010.

(Reminder: While we do not believe in or advocate a spiritual karma, we do wholly subscribe to the concept of a sports karma)

“They are pushing us to new limits and the coaches make sure that we do everything right down to the very last detail,” said San Marino running back Kwame Do about the first practices with new Titan HC Mike Mooney and staff. “We are ready to try and move the program forward. Start off from where we left off and try to do bigger and better things.”

For the record Dai Dai is pronounced “Day-day” McFadden for the Muir newcomer.

The more you dig, the more impressive the Suburban Meyer League looks. Case in point La Mirada defensive back Aaryn Bouzos who has already committed to Nebraska.

Were the Southeast coaches just laying low when this league was added? The Mid-Valley coaches were far more vocal about the Almont coming in, but I think the Southeast guys may have more to worry about.

What is is most important to the athlete. Legacy or Lettuce?

I can understand Butler’s Gordon Hayward’s decision to declare for the NBA Draft, get the guaranteed dough and get set for life. I totally understand.

But for most athletes, legacy matters.

Hayward looks like he’s going to be a fair to good NBA player. Part of the argument for him coming out is he ‘may’ work his way into the lottery portion of the first round. Meaning Hayward will make his dough, pass through a decade in the NBA and vanish into obscurity.

Christian Laettner did not have the NBA career many thought he would, but he did stay at Duke long enough to earn two NCAA titles and secure a place for himself in history. Hayward will be another guy (perhaps a better on the perimeter version of Tom Gugliotta) in the NBA, but with a strong returning cast at Butler he has a chance to become a legend.

I want to be known as the guy who slayed the giant, not as the guy who paid to have the giant slayed.

It wasn’t until hearing about the passing of for Muir HC Jim Brownfield that I really looked into him and discovered his run was only ten years (1997-1986), but included some really dominating years.

Why is congress concerned about the NCAA having a playoff? Run the country, not college football.

Through the years I’ve had a lot of fun at Hoover’s expense, but after meeting Tornado HC Chris Long I wish him and his program nothing but the best.

Why is a congressional committee talking to the NFL about safety? Run the country, not the NFL.

Early word leaking out of Pasadena is that Brandon Cox will be the starting quarterback and last season’s starter Aaron Simpson will be used in a variety of ways.

Last Add Do: Kwame is the younger brother of former Temple City thousand-yard back Williams Do.

Not that it amounts to much, and the intention is not to be Danny Doom but Cal High is losing 31 of 51 from its 2009 roster. Hey, it could be worse, Duarte is losing 16 of 18.

“Everything is going well,” says new Northview HC Marcel Perez. “Really happy with everything so far.”

I’ve seen pics of the Vikes on FB, if shirts and shorts count…then Perez’s excitement is understandable.

Stay thirsty my friends…


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