Fanview Lite: July 10, 2009

EM's Joel Sanchez, 3rd on school's all time win list, gives direction at recent passing competition.

EM's Joel Sanchez, 3rd on school's all time win list, gives direction at recent passing competition.

By Joe Torosian

Good Morning!

T-minus-63 until “The Mid Valley Classic”

Alright, I’ll come clean…I was the guy in the video that dunked on Lebron James…

With 64 high schools going to Claremont, and a whole host of others going to Arroyo and Santa Fe, plus Saturday night’s Fiesta Bowl at Whittier College, this has to be one of the busiest high school football weekends of the year…

It’s been whispered Rowland running back Josh Onovughe is flying way way below the radar heading into 2009. The senior back ran for over 400-yards last year and was a contributor to the Raiders semifinal run.

Do your realize in terms of continuous service that Arroyo’s Jim Singiser and El Monte’s Joel Sanchez have become the grand old men of football in the Mission Valley League.

Singiser and Arroyo have been well documented but Sanchez at 26-35, in six seasons, has passed previous EM coaches Tim Campa (25), Greg Vaniman (20), Paul Saxon (11), Dave Brooks (8), Dave Coldiron (8), Ev Bjorensen (7), and Eric Martinez (2) on the schools all-time win list.

In the modern era, post 1950, Bill Samarin (1956-1966) is the leader in wins for the Lions with 48. Charles Ucker (1975-1985) is second with 38.

And its been a long time since El Monte was considered a football school.

Is there a federal requirement to watch the Home Run Derby?

I thought I understood it when it began, but after catching some of the derby last year I misread how bad it really was…Actually its about as interesting as the ESPY’s, which is about as interesting as Levi Johnston…

Michael Phelps, swimming at the U.S. Nationals, said he was disappointed with his times…I don’t know what else he could have done? He’s up at five every morning, exercising, swimming, eating Wheaties, taking bong hits, orange juice, and little chocolate donuts…

…Little chocolate donuts have been on my training table since I was a kid…

Four team deals in the NBA are not as exciting as they sound. They are like the surf dredging up old discarded players you haven’t heard of for thousands of years. Players like Devean George…You remember George right?…Hear the name Devean George, and immediately one thinks of Trevor Ariza…(or is that spelled; Ariaza?)

In fact do I have to watch the MLB All-Star Game?

Was I the guy a few years ago saying the Dodgers needed to keep Jayson Werth?

Stay thirsty my friends…


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