Fanview Lite: May 15, 2012

Joe T.

Kick it!

Just for illumination remember that Arcadia has Jake Medel coming back at running back…

…And Monrovia has everybody coming back in 2012.

Last Add M-Town: Tim Peterson’s prediction that the Wildcats would run the table in 2011 was premature…I believe they can run the table this fall.

Quick, somebody needs to get the Arcadia baseball team to Just Tires…their wheels appear to have come off.

I’d like to go on record as saying that I thought from the moment they arrived at Vero Beach that the Dodgers would have the best record in baseball by mid-May. I also thought the signing of Bobby Abreu was the best pick up since Boog Powell in 1977.

Did the high school football season ever really end?

I knew the Kings would beat Winnipeg on Sunday night.

Seeing the Angels and Rangers wear throwback uniforms on Saturday two things came to mind…The first being how much money the Angels paid for an anemic hitting first baseman…Two, I kept waiting for Billy Sample to come out of the Texas clubhouse to pinch hit.

If only all of you loved and clicked on Mid Valley Sports as often as Tribune sports writer Pants Robledo does…

Last Add Dodgers: I also think the move from Vero Beach to Camelback Ranch was the best move since going from Brooklyn to L.A.

Personally I don’t think Miami is unbeatable.

I don’t want to put the hex on His Arroyo Baldness but I think Arroyo is unbeatable in the MVL as well….

Don’t get me wrong, El Monte has talent…but I want to make sure Brandon Martinez isn’t spending all of 2012 running for his life instead of looking for Abel Barajas.

Same has to be said for South El Monte, anxious to see Fernando Ramirez step up and become a really good quarterback for the Southmen.

Do they still play Canada in hockey?…Excuse me, pardon, what I meant to say was; do they still play hockey in Canada.

Speaking of hockey, does anyone remember the hit Dale Hunter put on Pierre Turgeon all those years ago?

Who throws a touchdown pass first next season Oakland Raiders back up Matt Leinart or Buffalo Bills back up Vince Young? Both were stars, first round pics, national champions in college, and now both are with their third NFL team.

Who would have thought the guy out of Vanderbilt in the 2006 draft, Jay Cutler would have been the star out quarterback out of this draft? Merrill Hodge did.

Really Last Add M-Town:…However I cannot be held responsible for state bowl stuff…

Just keep this name in mind: Kevin Jones, Ganesha. Dude is proficient at wingback, wide receiver, cornerback, and kick return. He will be a senior.

Last Add Pujols: Word is the Angels are so desperate they are bringing Gary Pettis to serve as Albert Pujols personal hitting coach.

Gladstone linebacker Aaron Sanchez will be entering his tenth year leading the Gladiators defense. This “Bad Dude” has been making plays for a long time.

When you look comparatively L.A. Baptist has better size than Maranatha…they just don’t exactly have the talent the Minutemen have.

Player to remember, because his team’s performance might not get him much pub, is La Canada utility guy Grant Owen…The senior to be contributed in the secondary and at quarterback for the Spartans in 2011.

The Dude abides…


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