Fanview Lite: April 16, 2014

It was a rough day

It was a rough day

“I just can’t fit…Yes, I believe it’s time for us to quit.”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

Oh, I’ve always been a Dee Gordon fan.

Why was everyone wearing Mariano Rivera’s number yesterday?

West Covina HC Mike Maggiore believes Warren, with Raul Lara running the show this season, is capable of going 5-5…He told me this on Saturday and I told him I was going to put it in a column this week so there would be a record of it. He said ‘okay’.

Can you think of a season before where three highly successful head coaches have resurfaced at other schools the way Greg Gano has at Wilson, Steve Bogan at Maranatha, and Lara at Warren? (Am I missing anybody?) Initially, who is under the most pressure?

Last Add Warren: Since the start of the 2010 season the Bears have won five games. Four of those came in 2010.

Oh no, Yasiel Puig didn’t run out a fly ball to right field last night…He must be the Devil. For that matter so is Derek Jeter for admiring his hit on opening day at Yankee Stadium that he thought was going to be a home run but went off the left field wall instead.

We’ve been asked several times if we know anything about the Temple City coaching situation…All I can say is going back to the transition from Mooney to Backus, Backus to White, and White to McFarland the TC school district has a history of going very slow when it comes to naming a new HC…Even when everyone knew well in advance who the new head coach was going to be, it always gets dragged out. They can tell a coach they’re going to hire him at the end of April…but if the next board meeting isn’t until June it won’t be official until then.

Meanwhile…the players are left to fend for themselves (see 2010 for reference).

One Add Baldwin Park: I saw Raymen Barraza play…with my own eyes…There is nothing soft about that hombre…Disrespect him at your own peril. I could be off on this but Barraza reminds me of a stronger version of old South El Monte lightening bolt Gus Mendoza.

MVS commenter “CoachD” says that San Gabriel will run the Wing-T this fall under new HC Joe Ledesma. There will be the obvious learning curve, there will be need for a music montage to show the Mats coming together, but after all that they have the personnel to run this. Barring any recent transfers, they’ve got some “bubbas” on that offensive line.

Last Add Pressure: I’d say it’s Bogan. Gano and Lara will be given a year before the long knives come out.

Next Add Real Pressure: Friendly reminder to Monrovia’s Chris Stevens…You better win…And almost all of the time…That’s not to be rude, it’s just the world we live in.

San Dimas’s roster listed 49 names last fall, of which 19 will be lost to graduation in June. The Saints lose their top two rushers and there is no one left on the roster who has thrown a pass at the varsity level.

What do you think? I tell you what I think, I think SD’s going to build a new offensive line. The new offensive line is going to create a new superstar running back. The new superstar running back is going to leave everyone asking how San Dimas does it.

The under the radar guy for Coach Z. in 2014? Try senior-to-be Chris Rufus.

So, what do you think?


In regards to “Survivor”: Cass goes home tonight.

In regards to ‘The Most Interesting Man in The World’ on Cinco de Mayo: “Don’t rush into cinco…start with dos.”

In regards to Paramount cornerback Donzale Roddie: He has verbally committed to Utah.

In regards to Aldon Smith: Where will he play his next snap of football? NFL, CFL, Arena, or Federal Penn League?

In regards to MLB Network: I like most of it…but Chris Russo, the host of “High Heat” sounds like the guy you talk to when you call in for a pizza delivery. So irritating.

The Dude abides…


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