Fanview: May 14, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“You say you came to Baltimore from Ole Miss
A class of ’74 gold ring
The eastern moon looks ready for a wet kiss
To make the tide rise again, ha, ha.”—Starbuck

Kick it!

La Mirada always makes noise, to their credit. NorRock is feeling strong. Downey will be powerful, but there is a team down the 605 returning a veteran quarterback, its two leading rushers, and one of its best defensive players in 2014.

The Mayfair Monsoons, who open at home on August 29, against Downey comeback this fall with Isaiah Jackson at quarterback and a “Bad Dude” defensive end in Ernest Bagner.

If you forget about Mike Fitch’s squad, you could get caught in the rain. (I guess that’s bad, but all the jokes can’t be good…You have to expect that once in a while.)

If the Celtics have had a leprechaun’s help over the years, the Clippers must have some sort of sick Grinch uniquely crafting its disasters. I’m not going to say I called last night’s collapse, but at the end of “The Mid Valley Sports Show” I sat in the office with the guys and waited for it to happen.

When it did I let out a laugh. The end of the game was like the end of Animal House, chaos, madness, and I have expected a small subtitle to appear at the press conference saying: Glenn “Doc” Rivers: Wherabouts Unknown.

If you live in the Inland Empire, love prep football, and have Friday nights available in the fall…drop me a line on Facebook or at the email address below. Mid Valley Sports is considering an overhaul…but would like to see what we, potentially, may have first.

I know they won the Super Bowl, and I know they play in the NFC West, and I know they stand in the way of the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams getting to where I want them to go, but Seattle really intrigues me this coming season. If they win another Super Bowl then they will have successfully changed football forever.

It is almost, if not exactly, a ‘moneyball’ approach in finding value where no one else sees it. Building a team with third and fourth round picks and a few free agents. It is so interesting.

I’m going to have a grandson one of these days, and if the lawyers and suits don’t make the game disappear, he’s going to sit on my lap and ask me about football. We’ll talk and I’ll tell him how much I hate the Dallas Cowboys.

“I thought it wasn’t right to hate,” he’ll say.
“If it’s the Dallas Cowboys, it’s okay,” I’ll answer.
“Grandpa, tell me one more thing,” he’ll ask.
“Sure, anything.”
“What was a running back?”

His eyes will grow when I explain to him about a subset of football players once known as ‘running backs’ and how they went the way of the Jedi.

Former Burroughs and Whittier College basketball forward Kourtney Zilbert turns 25 today.

Is the goal of an All Star game coach, like Friday’s East-West Hall of Fame game (at West Covina, 7:PM), to play everyone or is it to win the game?

If I’m West HC Mike Hobbie and I have two physical quarterbacks in San Marino’s Andrew Ferraco and Arroyo’s Nathan Coto, I’m slowing the game down to a crawl. Anyway I can. There’s a lot of beef on the offensive line for them to try it with.

Oh, I’ve always been a Josh Beckett fan.

Does size matter? I thought this was interesting, El Monte listed 41 players on its roster last season by name. However, only six of those players were two hundred pounds or heavier. Rosemead listed eight, Gabrielino 9, Mt. View 10, Arroyo 13, and South El Monte 14.

Last Add Mayfair: Yeah, I like them. Maybe it’s the uniforms, the way they compete, or just the team name; “Monsoons”.


In regards to marijuana: Is there another way to get its effects or does it, like tobacco, require ingesting the refuse of a burning leaf into your lungs? And why is that okay, but tobacco is not?

In regards to “Survivor”: If Trish starts playing Tony could be unseated because if she goes to the end with this guy she’ll be blanked in the final vote for the million.

In regards to the undrafted: Texas Longhorn Jackson Jeffcoat, All American, Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, 13 sacks, 86 tackles…Undrafted.

In regards to Fantasy Baseball: I hate it even more today.

In regards to Gio DeLoera: The Downey right tackle will be a senior this fall and he currently measures out at 6-4, 295.

The Dude abides…


Job 15:14

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