The Peterson Principle: 10/13/14

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

By Tim Peterson

I owe several apologies after last week. I’m glad betting high school football is illegal. I would have lost my shirt. I’ve missed on my picks before but this week was over the top. The sorry list is long so here we go…

I apologize to St. Paul assistant Donald Bernard. No way, no how I thought St. Paul would beat La Salle. I told Bernard exactly that on a text when he questioned me on my pick. La Salle was due right? La Salle was bigger, stronger correct?

This is the year La Salle, with transfers in place, was going to contend for a title, no? The Lancers did lose to Maranatha but the Minutemen are unbeaten. St. Paul’s last two opponents were strong but the Swordsmen had been outscored 96-0! La Salle rolls right?

Wrong Peterson…St. Paul 28 La Salle 21 OT.

Next I apologize to El Rancho Head Coach Vinnie Lopez. “No disrespect to La Serna but I feel we’ve been overlooked a little bit,” Lopez said looking me directly in the eye after his Dons beat La Serna 35-28 Friday night. “We’re two plays away from being undefeated,” he said again with a steely glare knowing full well I had picked La Serna to beat the Ranch.

I’m sorry coach but I had no idea Andrew Perea was Dan Marino and Isiah Araujo was Jerry Rice. Oh and Adrian Pop- one of the coolest names for a football player I’ve ever heard.

Next on the list is El Monte HC Joel Sanchez. Sorry coach but I liked Arroyo. I figured you were cooked after the Rosemead game. I thought the Knights would come out breathing fire. I looked at your 35-0 loss and Arroyo’s 28-27 defeat courtesy of the Mead and chalked it up as a Knight slam dunk. And although I didn’t actually write that Arroyo wins I did tell anybody that would listen. My apologies coach, I missed it. And you guys actually punted! Nice win!

Then the last one. I knew I had this one pegged – San Dimas beats Northview. Yeah the Vikes are tough and they can be physical and Marcel Perez has done a great job during his tenure as the head coach but we’re talking San Dimas here. You know, the same Saints that won the Mid-Valley championship last year. The same Saints that pump out running backs like Ford pumps out trucks. The same San Dimas that put up 42 on Rosemead and 38 on Diamond Bar and hadn’t lost to Northview since 2008.

The Vikings wouldn’t be able to keep up. Don’t tell that to Perez. It was the Vikings that racked up the points – 44 in all in a 44-26 win over San Dimas. With freshman quarterback Steven Comstock at the helm Northview is now the clear favorite to win the Valle Vista. Again it wasn’t in black and white but on the Mid Valley Sports Show I said loud and clear “San Dimas!” Sorry Mr. Perez. I biffed it.

There you go. Mea culpas for everybody. I’ll never pick another game…well not until later this week.

That’s my principle.

Tim can be reached at or on Twitter @tspeterson40.

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