Rushing into Zero Week

L - R Schurr's Abraham Gonzlalez, Aaron Cantu and Chris Chiaromonte. "We're going to show up and smack!" says Gonzalez

Our second annual Rush week on the M id Valley Sports Show was a big hit and a perfect way to get ready for the football season. Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser and Rosemead’s Matt Koffler kicked it off on Monday night just as they did in 2009.  

It’s funny. They’re fierce rivals in the Mission Valley League and have been for more than a decade as head coaches but they don’t mind coming on together. We learned a few things from them and all of our guests through out the week. Things we didn’t already know such as:

Rosemead may still get to play its home games at Marinelli stadium. Koffler was told by the administration that the Panthers can play their opener there against Montebello. But in the process of refurbishing the track the scoreboard isn’t working. If they can get that taken care of they should be okay for the season.  

Steven Rivera is playing defense. When we suggested that Singiser won the fight with offensive coordinator Chris MacMillan Singiser smiled. “It wasn’t much of a fight,” he said. “When you look at the depth chart in the secondary and see sophomore, freshman, freshman, freshman…you can see it’s necessary.”

Koffler really likes what he has seen from TC transfer Andrew Gibson so far in camp.

What can you say about the Whittier Christian brain trust? They brought us pizza – so Sergio Gradilla and Pete Karavedes will always be ok in our book. If you ever get a chance to meet Karavedes ask him to do his Koffler Impression. It’s spot on.

Chris Long made a lot of friends during his appearance on the show Tuesday night. The Hoover Coach is a guy you love to root for. And he’s a good coach. Just ask Jon Dimalante who had Long on his staff in the late nineties.

The Del Rio will be crazy as ever but after speaking to Jim Arnold and his staff you have to believe Cal is going to be in the thick of it.

Rowland’s Craig Snyder and Mike Maggiore of West Covina came on together on Wednesday. Both of them broke down some Xs and Os for us. It was interesting hearing Maggiore talk about Walter Thurmond (former WC star and current Seattle Seahawk.) Snyder likes the new Southeast alignment but said it’s hard to get a read on the Suburban League.

Covina Coach Darryl Thomas played cornerback at Santa Barbara and said tongue in cheek that he should have had a shot in the NFL.

“Jerry Rice was beating everybody then. Hey I can get beat by Rice too,” Thomas quipped.

On Thursday Jim Arrellanes talked about his new Los Altos gig. “It was a job I just couldn’t pass up.” Did you know Arellanes played quarterback at Fresno State after Trent Dilfer and before Billy Volek?

Blocking Taj Teague’s transfer never even crossed Pomona Coach Anthony Rice’s mind. “If he doesn’t want to stay here why would I contest it?” Rice said. “It makes no sense. I wish him nothing but the best.”

Rice said Jamal Overton will get plenty of carries now with Teague’s departure.

If you asked me where Wilson would finish in the Valle Vista four months ago I would have said fifth. But after seeing the Wildcats up close and talking to Coach Brian Zavala I like them for third. But here at the Mid, there are also several votes for Covina and Pomona.

Late Thursday night San Gabriel HC announced his starting quarterback will be Eric Alvarez. Nice scoop. 

Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah…the highlight of the week. Wednesday night in the last segment we had the Schurr trio on. We’ve had Aaron Cantu on before…great interview…even better quarterback. We finally got Chris Chiaromonte on. He’s a great kid and we expect him to have a great year.

But Abraham Gonzalez nearly stole the show. After is playing days are over we fully expect him to begin his new career as the host of the Mid Valley Sports Show. The linebacker/running back was funny, insightful – just a natural for radio. And he ended nearly every answer with “We’re going to show up and smack!”

Great week. I can’t wait for the kick off. Before he left for the night I asked Gonzalez his predictions for the Spartans opening night game with Cantwell.

We’re going to show up and smack!” he said. Love it!

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