The Peterson Principle 5/24/11

Tim Peterson

This is a column I didn’t think I’d have to write. You see my deadline is Sunday and on Saturday May 21 I figured I would be raptured out with the rest of the Christians. It didn’t happen. Wow, what gives?

Harold Camping – sounds like a defensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons back in 1975. Anyway since I’m still here I’ll bang it out.

I hated to see Chris Long go at Hoover but on the surface the hiring of Andrew Policky looks like a good move. Policky has served as the Tornadoes defensive coordinator for the last three years and has a good relationship with the current roster. He was also an assistant at Arcadia under Jon Dimalante for four years and is very familiar with the Pacific League. Policky played his high school football at Arcadia starting on both sides of the ball before graduating in 1998.

Hoover was 1-9 last year but returns several key players and had one of the biggest rosters in recent memory in Long’s final year.

Jim Arellanes, who’s most recent coaching stop was at Los Altos, has landed at Baldwin Park as an assistant. Nothing is permanent however, (is it ever in ever in high school football?), and that could change if Arellanes lands a teaching job at another school. 

The two Joshes (Ouellette and Lowden) might disagree with me but I liked seeing 11 on 11 in passing competition. I understand their arguments- possible injuries, linemen develop bad techniques, etc. but it to me it’s more realistic. There is never a 7 on 7 in real football and gives the players more of a feel for what it’s like.

As far as injuries? Well there’s always a chance of injury whenever you’re playing football – in pads or not. And if the linemen develop a few bad habits blocking without pads I’m sure it’s not anything that a coach can’t correct once they strap on the gear.

Baldwin Park Coach James Heggins agreed saying he likes the 11 on 11 format much better citing the quarterback’s opportunity to get a more realistic approach to his reads.

The Braves have matched up 11 on 11 with Walnut the last two Friday nights.

We took a vote on the website and the readers are nearly split right down the middle. On the question “Are 11 on 11 throws without pads a good or bad idea?” 42 responded yes and 40 said no.

I killed two birds with one stone on Thursday. After covering the Temple City baseball playoff game I got chance to check out the football team at spring practice. The offensive line is the Rams strongest area and despite losing Josh Simangunsong to graduation, the skill positions should be fine as well.

Chris Reed has bulked up noticeably in the off season and looks to be a key performer at running back and quarterback Mike Quintanilla, a junior this year, has a full year of experience under his belt. Word is that Jaime Dea is ready to contribute in the backfield as well.

Michael Bassette, Bryan Wong, and Felipe Serrano are the key components along the front lines. I won’t join Torosian in saying that the Rams “could pull something” against Monrovia, but a second place Rio Hondo League finish is a strong possibility.

Despite Temple City’s loss to St. Bonnies Julian Jarrard can feel good about belting a two run home run is his last at bat as a Ram.   

Congratulations to the LAPD for catching one of the thugs that assaulted Giant fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium. That was awesome. What wasn’t so awesome was Frank McCourt sending a spokesman on his behalf to the press conference announcing the arrest. We shouldn’t be surprised. It’s typical of the shoddy way McCourt has handled the situation since the opening day incident.

The 605 High School All-Star football game will be Saturday June 4 at Cerritos College. Kick off is 6:05 pm.

That’s my principle.

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