High School Quarterback: Vol. 11

Saile Ramirez

The Mid’s Saile Ramirez caught up with three schools looking at three new starting quarterbacks this fall.

La Serna: Vincent Lopez

Replacing: Andrew Buenrostro

Saile: I am messaging you because I cover quarterbacks and you are one of the returning quarterbacks for La Serna this upcoming season. I know Shamar Ortiz is also listed as returning. How is the competition coming along so far ? And what things do you think you are better at and what things are you improving on to become the starter in the fall ?

Lopez:”Well last year I was competing to start with Andrew Buenrostro and I tore my ACL and miniscus in the La Habra scrimmage.

But I think I’m better at scrambling out of the pocket. When I stay in the pocket I can feel myself starting to panic a little bit when I feel like I’m running out of time. I’m the type of quarterback that likes to lower my shoulder and hit while I run the ball, but this up coming season I have to make a decision to either stay at quarterback or go to wide receiver. When I first started playing football that was my original position so I asked my coaches if I can play both positions.

Shamar Ortiz is a really good quarterback and I have some competition there but it’s a tough decision for me cause I kinda didn’t let my knee heal right. I rushed right back into playing because I like to be on the field with the rest of the players but yes I am working at both quarterback and wide receiver and Im also a defensive back.”


Walnut Chris Mendez

Replacing: Brandon Roach

Saile: Well looking through maxpreps you are the only other quarterback listed so what things are you doing to prepare for the next season?

Mendez: “Yes I will be returning in the fall, I’m class of 2012.. And I have been training with. Private QB coach Chris Rix, lifting weights at school, running and throwing the ball a lot, and spring practices start in a week.”

Saile: What would you say right now is your biggest strength and what kind of things are you looking to improve with Coach Rix ?

Mendez: “I would have to say throwing on the run both ways and I would like to improve my arm strength and accuracy and improve my coverage reading.”

Saile: And right now who would you say is one of your favorite and top receivers we should look for come next season.

Mendez: “Definitely Aaron Alvarez.”


Burbank: Zak Tomlinson

Replacing: Adam Colman

Saile: With the departure of Adam Coleman you are next in line to become the starter, how do you feel about the upcoming season? What are you doing to prepare? And other than yourself is there anyone else trying out for the quarterback spot? What things are you trying to improve to solidify a spot as the starter?

Tomlinson: “Adam Colman was a great leader and star for our football team. Last year he mentored me and helped me so much. His knowledge of the game and how well he prepared for games really showed me what it means to be a great high-school quarterback. I look forward to be able to step up and work as hard as I can, not only to help me, but to help my team come together as one and win. I am preparing for this upcoming season by working out everyday and even sometimes twice a day. I am also working as hard as I can at practice to make sure I put 110% in so I can become better everyday. There is one other guy who is trying out for the QB spot. He was on JV last year and is going to be a senior. He is very good but I am confident that I will be the starter this upcoming season. This offseason my key focus is to work on my footwork and arm strength.”

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