The Peterson Principle 4/9/12

Arroyo HC Jim Singiser's option regarding the CIF Playoff proposals? "Get better"

It looks like they’re out of options. Well I guess there is one. When Arroyo Coach Jim Singiser was asked if he had any other options now that CIF has denied the MVL appeal on the new Division playoff grouping proposals he had one, “Yeah. Get better!” he said.

Doesn’t CIF work for the schools? Then how is it possible that they ignored the wishes of 30 schools for the sake of one? How is it possible that they ignore budgets and propose to send schools on a four hour bus ride to participate in a playoff game?

Forget for a moment the lack of parity that a league like the Alpha brings to the Mid-Valley Division. There are even bigger issues here. What the CIF has done is take the option to see their kid play in a playoff game right out of the parents’ hands. How is a parent from El Monte going to make to out to Lancaster on a Friday night for a 7:00 pm game after working eight hours?

And here’s another thing for the CIF to consider. What are they going to say when schools like like say La Puente or Rosemead, are not given approval to play in a first round playoff game due to budget constraints? Seriously think about it. When there is no money to buy equipment for the football team in some cases, how is the administration going to justify
spending the money on a four hour bus trip? Actually it could end up being a good thing. Maybe if a school to refuses to go, CIF will finally come to the understanding that they botched this one bad.

It’s still hard to understand what the CIF was thinking in moving the Olympic and Montview out of the Mid-Valley Division and the Alpha League in. At the MVL appeal the CIF representative admitted that he had never seen anybody in the Mission Valley League play. Yet he is compelled to make such a rash decision without any input or consideration from the coaches? I think this one is going to come back to bite them. And just when they had finally gotten it right…

Got a lot of feedback on the Rosemead story Thursday – some of it good and some of it not so much. It’s hard to tell in April how a team is going to finish in November or December so I’m not making any predictions on the Panthers right now. But I do know this. First year HC Marc Paramo had a lot of players out and they were all working hard. There is no question that last year’s team, (5-5, missed playoffs), was an anomaly and Paramo let them know about it in no uncertain terms.

Readers are entitled to their comments, but I’m sorry I can’t find anything negative about a team working hard and getting an early jump on the season.

Who’s left? Keppel and Baldwin Park? Anybody got anything on the new head coaches? Anybody?

The word is that bounty programs go on all the time and while that may be true listening to the Gregg Williams rant (motivational speech?) was kind of creepy. Naming players specifically with statements like “kill the head!” and “I want the head sideways!” complete with expletives is over the top. It didn’t help Sean Payton’s cause in his appeal to the NFL either. It was denied Monday. Williams didn’t sound like a coach. He sounded like a mad man.

I’m not a big T.J. Simers fan but he was right when he wrote that there’s just something wrong with Magic Johnson sitting next to Frank McCourt at the Dodgers season opener.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Whittier College assistant and long time area coach Ted Clarke, whose wife Nancy passed away last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you coach.

That’s my principle.

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