Mid-Valley Football Daily Tracking Poll: 6/13/2012

It was a special run for Andy Guerrero and the SG Matadors in 2011

Wow Baldwin Park and Mt. View getting serious. Only one more day after today. Northwest poll goes up Monday morning.

Leave a comment, send a tweet, message us on FB, or drop a line through email (gear is good). The more we learn about your team, the more they move up. To keep balance, because it is largely unscientific, we weighted the teams at the start. (point totals listed after each team)

1.) (6/12:#1) Monrovia Wildcats (121): Mason Bryant at free safety, Anthony Craft at one corner, who is the other corner? DeShawn Potts?

2.) (6/12:#2) Sierra Canyon Trailblazers (78): “We’re gonna have trouble with Paraclete this year.”—T-Blazer Insider. 

3.) (6/12:#3) San Dimas Saints (76): August 23rd is way too soon for the Smudge Pot…

4.) (6/12:#4) El Monte Lions (70): Yeah, Ruben Jimenez…Can’t overlook the guy most likely to qualify for Seal Team Six.

5.) (6/12:#5) Arroyo Knights (66): Is Andre Kerkhoff (a Bad Dude deluxe) really going to be the go-to receiver for Nathan Coto?

6.) (6/12:#7) Paraclete Spirits (62): Will the Spirits really be much more dangerous than The Canyon in 2012? 

7.) (6/12:#6) San Gabriel Matadors (59): Josh Baca is back for Donald Bernard…We’d like to know his dimensions height-weight? Can we get that Coach O?

8.) (6/12:#9) South El Monte Eagles (39): Old argument: So Alex Acosta never played safety in 2011? New argument: SEM is going to need a hard push by its base to jump to the seventh spot.

9.) (6/12:#8) South Pasadena Tigers (34): Bad day in the tracking poll for SP. Real bad day, lucky to still be in the top 10. Come on raise the profile now, Harmon to Bednarski will raise it in the fall.

10.) (6/12:#18) Baldwin Park Braves (31): So far its been a very good spring for the Braves. Calzada at corner needs to be a playmaker in a Valle Vista with a lot of new quarterbacks.

11.) (6/12:#11) Bell Gardens Lancers (30): Que pasa? What’s going on down the 710? No schedule, no updates, we want to see some more of Tristian Escobar.

12.) (6/12:#10) Alhambra Moors (28): Down two spots. We don’t want to hear any complaints…  

13.) (6/12:#13) Northview Vikings (28): Jared Brito (DE/TE) in 2011: 33 tackles, five sacks, four fumble recoveries, and now the back up quarterback. Is he running for ASB too?

14.) (6/12:#12) Rosemead Panthers (27): Down two spots…There’s more to a program than providing shoes for Mr. Personality. Answer the question: Dominic Salas and Alec Zavala, they going to share touches? 

15.) (6/12:#20) Mt. View Vikings (27): The Viking base is starting to warm up…Nice info on the Martinez rock stars…View up five spots…

16.) (6/12:#15) La Canada Spartans (26): Somebody needs to tell us more about Andy Paynter…Is he going to be a factor this fall?

17.) (6/12:#14) San Marino Titans (24): Down three spots…Unanswered questions get answered with game against CV. Nate Harding is a top notch tackle.

18.) (6/12:#16) Schurr Spartans (22): Okay, we believe in Sudden Sal Chavez…but who is going to be carrying the rock?

19.) (6/12:#17) Covina Colts (21): We like he name “Blythe Curry”…

20.) (6/12:23) Mark Keppel Aztecs: (19): Hey things come up, things happen, but you have to understand…even we don’t control MVS karma.

21.) (6/12:#19) Montebello Oilers (17): Marcus Portillo has a decent offensive line to run behind.

22.) (6/12:#21) Temple City Rams (17): It’s graduation week…we’re going to give them a break.

23.) (6/12:#22) Pomona Red Devils (12): Oh..so …so quiet.

24.) (6/12:25) Gabrielino Eagles (10): We don’t have any names, numbers, stats, positions, but the Eagles are climbing…(Late info just arrived from Gabrielino and will be reflected in tomorrow’s poll. Excellent stuff.)

25.) (6/12:UR) Blair Vikings (8): A background check and some fingerprints away from hiring new HC…

(Others) Brentwood School (7), Wilson (7), Nogales (6), Pasadena Marshall (4), Viewpoint (4), Kilpatrick (6), Windward (4), Calvary Chapel (5)

The official Mid Valley Sports Top 25s will come out August 1st.

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