The Peterson Principle 6/18/12

The View from the "All you can eat" section in the right field pavilion at Chavez Ravine

When I see those guys peddling tickets on Stadium Way while I’m driving into the Dodger game a thought always enters my head. It might not be cool but it would be funny and it might teach these guys to get real jobs.

I think about signaling to them and holding up two fingers meaning that “Yeah, I need two.” Then when the seller approaches my vehicle and holds out the tickets, I tell him to show them to me a little closer so I can see where the seats are. Then when he holds them up I suddenly snatch them out of his hand and take off. Now if there’s no immediate traffic I’m home free. But even if there is, when he catches up to me I just roll up the windows and keep on driving.

Insane you say? We’ll think about it. What is he going to do? Attack my vehicle when what he is doing (scalping tickets) is illegal? If the police show up what is he going to tell them? “Um officer was I uh…illegally scalping tickets when this guy stole them from me.” Seriously, he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. I don’t know. It sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

I didn’t say I was going to do it but it’s just a random thought. It burns me how they’re always out there yelling and holding up signs while I’m trying to get into the Dodger game. But yeah, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

What is a good idea at Chavez Ravine is sitting in the right field pavilion’s “all you can eat” section like Mid Valley Sports photographer/staffer Duane Barker and I did Friday night. We each paid 38.00 for a ticket in the third row from the front. We each had three Dodger Dogs (did Barker have four?) peanuts, nachos, and two or three sodas. They just line it up like you’re at a buffet. By the time you added it all up we each spent about 30 to 35 bucks on food  making the price of the ticket about three bones – well worth it.

The only complaint would be that there’s not a lot of leg room in a big crowd and you’re stuck on a bench seat for three hours. But for three bucks (or free depending on how much you eat) I can live with it. Note to Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten and company- we need you to make it all you can eat on the loge level also.

Security is at all time high at Dodger Stadium now since the Brian Stow beating last year and another incident earlier this season. Did you know that they even make you empty your pockets now at the entrance?  I don’t mind at all though. This is a good thing. I’d rather jump through a variety of security hoops than see some cowardly thugs beat a guy nearly to death for wearing an opposing team’s jersey.

I told Barker I should have worn White Sox gear just to see what happened. Yeah I know – another idea that’s probably not too good.

Oh and one more cool thing. Magic and company lowered the price of general parking from $15.00 to $10.00 easing the financial burden a little more.

As for the game itself it was typical 2012 Dodgers. They got the Sox right where they wanted them by falling behind 5-1 before rallying late to pull out a 7-6 victory.

And that wasn’t all. Since it was Friday night, we were allowed to go down on the field after the game for the fireworks show. Of course I had to run back and jump up the left field wall as if I was robbing a batter of a home run.

It made for a great night. The only thing missing was ripping off the scalpers.

That’s my principle.

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