Fanview Lite: March 6, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“Winning is overrated. The only time it is really important is in surgery and war.”—Al McGuire

Kick it!

First thought on the Monrovia hire of Chris Stevens as the new HC…He has too much hair. The last six Mid-Valley division titles have gone to members of “The League of Bald Headed Men”, so he might have a lot to over come.

If Stevens loses a couple of games early, I sure the M-Town faithful will aid him in acquiring the “Norm Dahlia” look.

When it came to Monrovia we heard all the names in the book from Steve Bogan to Wardell Crutchfield to Ted Clark, and a bunch of names in between. We should probably publish Tim Peterson’s notes, texts, and emails from the last two months. Very interesting reading.

Diamond Bar is close…at least that’s what we’ve been told…what Peterson has been told.

In the back of my head I think one of these mornings we’re going to wake up to find a school in need has hired Mike Mooney. Not a prediction, just a thought.

NCAA rules committee withdraws 10-second rule change and tables it for a later date. All Nick Saban desires, in sponsoring this rule change, is the safety of the athlete. Right, and I’m Frenchy Fuqua.

Friend: Joe T., what are you giving up for lent?

Joe T.: Lent.

Since “DODGERFAN4LIFE” is questioning my devotion to the Dodgers I now have to prove myself. So let me say this: I can name every Dodger manager from 1954 through 1976…Can you? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

It’s not my money but how do the Pittsburgh Steelers give Troy Polamalu a three year 20-million dollar extension? It’s actually a bit of a pay cut, but that’s still a lot of dough when you consider the salary cap and the mileage.

“Can Sanchez go out and be a player in this league? Absolutely, for me, right now, he’d be one of the top back ups in the league.”—Former Baltimore Ravens/New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott on former teammate Mark Sanchez.

During my annual scan of the El Rancho roster I noticed that they are losing 34 seniors to graduation. Then I looked again and realized the Dons listed 88 players on their roster in 2013.

Comparison? Rio Hondo Prep reports only 100 students total for enrollment.

Last Add El Rancho: The Ranch scored 41 touchdowns last fall, 36 of those touchdowns take the long walk this June.

Non-Nostradamus Moment: You don’t need to be Nostradamus to know with Raymen Barraza and Jayson Miller returning at wide receiver new Baldwin Park HC Daniel Al-gattas will be putting the ball in the air.

The BP Brave you need to remember is Malik Abston…If you don’t know who he is ask Jim Singiser.


In regards to the Alamo being fought 178 years ago today: That’s the way I want to go.

In regards to “Survivor”: The universal truth is; keep your mouth shut!

In regards to Ukraine: I still say “The Ukraine”.

In regards to Devin Hester: Hall of Fame…especially if punters are being elected.

In regards to Michael Vick: Does he have any football left in him?

The Dude abides…


Genesis 22:10-12

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