Fanview Lite: April 1, 2014

Really? You're saying, I shouldn't throw in public?.....Never mind the kid in the background.

Really? You’re saying, I shouldn’t throw in public?…..Never mind the kid in the background…look at that delivery.

“Yes, how many times can a man turn his head…Pretending he just doesn’t see?”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

I love baseball. It’s great to be back into baseball after being away from it for so long. Opening day is great.

However, fantasy baseball does, at times, cause me to howl at the moon. So over the next few months if I sound like a jerk on Facebook, Twitter, or even here…It’s probably because I am.

Did Barry Bonds get neck reduction surgery?

Nice to see Angels pitching is in mid-season form.

With Dayton out, I’ve lost all interest in the NCAA Tournament.

Last Add NCAA Tournament: Why on earth would a basketball tradition rich school like UCLA allow the Bruins to come out against Florida, in the Sweet 16, wearing those ridiculous dark/black jerseys? You’re blanking UCLA! Jim Spillane and Raymond Townsend are rolling over in their athletic graves over this.

Note to Cantwell: You want MVS love? You got to romance me baby! How about some names, some pics, some inside scoop stuff. Let’s go, I’m ready to dance.

You know how everything runs in cycles? If you could see my emails over the last eight years or so on Pomona. They go up and then come down…Every two or three years people start sending me stuff about how good the Red Devils are…And each time, I agree. The deal at Pomona has never been the talent, it’s been keeping the coach. They truly are a sleeping giant.

Did you know the most experienced passer returning in the Rio Hondo League this fall is San Marino southpaw Carson Glazier (9 TD passes 1 Int). The leading returning rusher? San Marino’s Tenny McFarland (886 yards). The leading returning receiver? San Marino’s JP Shohfi (36 catches, 767 yards)…And perhaps the RHL’s best playmaker is the Titans Tyler Spitzer (21 total Tds, 1 passing, 9 rushing, 8 receiving. 38 tackles and 8 Ints).

On this date three years ago Cale Jasper, a transfer from Blytheville High School in Arkansas, made his spring debut for the San Gabriel Matadors effortlessly flicking 50-yard passes with his left arm.

Did anyone else hear the toilet flushing this morning on NFL AM? Steve Wyche and Terrell Davis were interviewing Virginia tackle/Draft prospect Morgan Moses and the sound of a toilet flushing could be heard….Shades of Frank Drebin.

Note to Coach (you know who you are): I can handle slights. I can handle people bagging on my writing skills. I can handle people bagging on my looks, sweater vests, and New Balance, but let’s make something very clear…Do Not Ever SAY: “Joe shouldn’t throw the football in public.”

First off I was throwing 60-yard touchdown passes to Mark Maez before you were out of diapers. Second in 2000 a loose football came my way at the Gabrielino-Temple City scrimmage and when I threw the ball back Mike Mooney wanted to know if I had any eligibility left (Of course even if I did, I was too tall to be a TC quarterback). Third at the Army One Bowl game a few years ago I was throwing the football at halftime and even the Arroyo coaches (His Arroyo Baldness & Chris MacMillan) said I looked okay.

What the Arroyo coaches also said was: “PETERSON should never throw the ball in public.”….(And the MVS Staff and all right thinking Americans tend to agree.)

So Coach (you know who you are) I might not fit your “body type”, but I can throw the ball and, after spending hours emulating the throwing motion of James Harris in the mirror as a kid, I can look good doing it. Don’t jack with me on this.


In regards to “The Walking Dead”: Don’t try to convince us that the season finale was great. It stunk on ice.

In regards to Don Baylor: “Whoever called these the golden years?”

In regards to Padres Fans: I don’t believe I’ve ever met one. Do they exist?

In regards to favorite MLB teams: For the record they are the Dodgers, Mets, & Indians.

In regards to Bonita Alum: “Heisman is an individual award. I’ll take Jason Campbell everyday and twice on Sundays over Sam Bradford.”—Said on this day in 2010 by Aaron Castro.

The Dude abides…


Joshua 10: 25-26

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