Fanview Lite: April 15, 2014

“She is good to me…And there’s nothing she doesn’t see

My Blood Moon...hangover.

My Blood Moon…hangover.

She knows where I’d like to be…But it doesn’t matter

I want you, I want you…Yes, I want you so bad.”—Bob Dylan

Kick it!

I’ll always be a Fantasy Baseball fan…at least until I see what Boston’s Jake Peavy does tonight. Then I’ll pass on any necessary status changes.

I think Rio Hondo Prep could create more of a buzz if they ceased being the Kares…The Rio Hondo Prep River Monsters (given the school’s location) might better raise the school’s profile.

Last Add RHP: If we live in a world that can put Salesian in a league with Bishop Amat, then we certainly live in a world that can find room for Rio Hondo Prep in the Olympic League.

The “Blood Moon”, for some, was like the Lakers season. It was out there and you hung around, all night, waiting for it to get better…and like a Tom Cruise movie it didn’t.

As of right now Mid Valley Sports is involved with three divisions and attempts (the best it can) to keep tabs on 99 high school football programs. The talent level at more than 90% of these schools is Division III…That means players, in the areas we cover, that want to play college football HAVE to get it done in the classroom just as much as the D-I or D-II guys…if not more so.

If you have D-III talent and lousy grades…no one is going to take a look at you. This is an absolute in life.

Adrian Castro Funeral Fund: 

If you would like to help go to and to the search window on the right and type in “Adrian Castro” that will take you to the correct page.

Is it just me or has anyone else come to loathe interviews with superstars in any field? Politician, actor, athlete, coach…they bore me. The few times I listen to sports talk and a segment is dedicated to an interview, I start pushing buttons for something else. These are yawning festivals.

La Salle football has not won a playoff game since 2007. Cantwell last won a playoff game in 2011. On one end of the spectrum Mt. View has only been to the playoffs four times since starting varsity play in 1972. The Vikes last appeared in the post-season in 1997. On the other end…Arroyo has not missed the playoffs since 1984.

Is football a young man’s game? The St. Louis Rams currently list 61 players on its roster…59 of those players are age 29 or younger. The geezers are center Scott Wells (33) and recently signed back up quarterback Shaun Hill (34).

I don’t remember being 34, but I remember being 24…In those days I was swinging…Two chicks on my arm!

Speaking of arms…three of them are lining up to be the next Baldwin Park quarterback. So keep an eye on Braves baseball player Anthony Franco, the very talented (but very raw) freshman quarterback this past year Antwuan Ayers, and Hector Moran (the brother of graduating Michael Moran).

Add Adrian Castro: Everything has already been said eloquently enough…I’ll only say hug your kid…Every moment we have with each other is sacred, that might sound hokie to some, but I firmly believe it. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is uncertain, but we do have today.

To all of those who comment on this site: You are a rowdy and rough bunch…but you all showed a lot of class and grace this past weekend. Your comments to the Castro and El Monte football families were a joy to read. God Bless you as well.


In regards to Jadeveon Clowney: Pass.

In regards to MLB instant replay: So much is non-reviewable, you’d think the Feds were controlling the cameras. “Nothing to see here…”

In regards to San Marino free safety Joey Wagner (6-0,150): The junior-to-be’s 2013 stats: 45 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries.

In regards to “Draft Day”: I still haven’t seen it…Has anybody?

In regards to San Diego second baseman Jedd Gyorko: Is Gyorko the most unfortunate name in sports?

The Dude abides…


1 Samuel: 12: 18

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